Today, the theme of contemplation is visions, dreams and presence.

I would like to approach this topic with the sensitivity of our own vision, our own desire of what really, really is your true aspiration, what is the deep motivation that has given a vision of your life.

Different Nature of Visions: Real and Unreal

When you tap into this honest space, you may find places where your motivations, perhaps, have been tinted with trying to solve a certain pain or a certain incompleteness in yourself.

For example, if you have found that you have been hurt or if your mind has been convincing you that you are not worth it, you may start a series of actions to try to exalt yourself or to try to compete with your own personal expectations of yourself. When this occurs, your vision of yourself, the vision of your world is not real, but based on the perception of pain, a perception that you need to somehow complete yourself.

Today, I am not talking about this vision; I am talking about the true, honest and driving force beyond your pain, beyond your personal aspirations of work, of relationships or success. What really is the spiritual aspiration inside? What is the motivating force that is really tinting all your actions? When you tap into this, the true vision can be fulfilled. It is in this intention, this deep resonance, this honest relationship, that your hidden passion and your subconscious, where all matter manifests, where your life movements, your experiences, your circumstances, your situations, and your perceptions are built.

This true vision starts giving you a direction, a dream that is not based on your constructed pain, your incompleteness or on any duality. This gives a trajectory between your vision, your dreams and your presence. Everything starts with a vision of what is real (real for you), and what really is that hidden passion, your spiritual aspiration, your spiritual content toward matter.

From this, the truth will unfold, your matter will unfold and your circumstances will unfold. Otherwise, you are just creating your reality according to certain belief systems, with the ideology of how you should be doing in order to heal something. You are never really still as you are always pursuing your healing, seeking to be recognized or competing. You enter into opposite and conflicting belief systems, where one says, “Relax…” and the other says, “No, you have to do this or complete this or that…

In either movement, you are not really and truly supporting your aspirations, your movement and your stillness. This dynamic debilitates your sense of presence, or rather,  your connection to the wide presence of existence, to the subtle part of you that is able to connect with your own imaginative healing. You lose connection this connection in a space where there is always pain, where there is something to resolve or something to fix or something to pursue.

So before you were young, before you were constructing different ideas about you, you had a clear vision of what you are. It just got cluttered. This vision has a movement, an inspiration and a light. This vision has inexhaustible of energy and is gives you the complete vitality of existence for you to unfold.

When we ask the questions, What am I? What this world is about? What is my place between my inner me and the outside world?, these answers never come from the mind but from a deep sense of knowing, from a deep sense of relationship with presence, a relationship with existence, with life, with whatever you want to call it. Otherwise, you enter into the dream state and you are just activating and pursuing something that isn’t really real. You will have all the sensations that it is real: thoughts, opinions, strong emotions and strong desires.

The dream seems so real, and, as you grow up, you will organize the pieces of the dream in different ways. But the dream continues to be the same and, with time, becomes more and more thick, so that your actual vision will not be revealed. Your relationship with existence, with presence does not exist.

Contemplation on Vision

As a contemplation, unite these three aspects: there is you, the one that is passing through this perception where you have a vision, a strong motivating aspiration; you have the constructed, ignorant dream; and all of this is permeated by presence, all of this is permeated with existence. Existence is the common denominator of everything. It exists in your dreams and it exists in your vision. It exists when you are not and when you are. Contemplate on this.