Un-shackling the Experience

Each experience creates concepts, which in turn create a value, reinforcing our belief systems and driving our sense of good or bad, and right and wrong. The addiction to creating constant experiences deviates you from the vastness of BEING and its dynamic consciousness. The addiction to knowing, the addiction to accumulating so much unnecessary knowledge, which may be too superficial to be digested, is a crime towards your inner perceptions.

Learning to experience without acquiring density is a skill of the wise. If we are alive on the planet, we are requested to play, and to have experiences, however, we are also requested to remember that they are just a learning tool and not an identity.

Here a few tips on how to play your experiences and to avoid the gravitational pull of identification.

1.- Know that your experiences are a play.

Remind yourself that all your experiences are passing like the weather in the inner atmosphere of your being. They are there because YOU design them, and are points or challenges for you to fulfill.

2.- Play your experiences 100%

When we complete physically, mentally and emotionally our experiences, we have more chance to understand and to fulfill our lesson. The in-tense activity is not a bad thing, however, measure and balance your experiences with rest and meditation. The experiences that are completely understood, get established in one’s self and serve as a foundation for our next lesson. Don’t hold back, but be sensitive when to let go and rest.

3.- Don’t give value to your experiences.

The tendency to catalog experiences with opinions or with value of good or bad is a habit that will keep you attached to the same lesson. As long as you have a concept about your experiences, you are remaining in a prison. Again it is not about going through the experiences without mindfulness, simply do not let those values be your guide to the next experience. Let the values pass and to move on fresh into your next lesson.

4.- Remain innocent

Silence, meditation and compatibility with the flow of life, are key attributes to maintaining innocence. You accept the good and the bad, you move along with the present moment, and you know that the real truth is revealed when you are in the surrending move. Innocence is your best ally. You don’t blame God, nor do you blame yourself or anyone else about your life. You need to be like a child, trusting, also you need to be like a sage, alert, neutral and understanding that you are being guided, loved and supported.

5.- Review the concepts coming from past experiences.

Take one experience in your life that has some meaning or that you still feel has made a mark in your perception. See the situation like a movie, where you are the main character. Take larger pieces of time, or the time where your experience play out. Once you had identified the characters and the end of the situation, review what opinion you have constructed around it. Meditate on the fact that you have constructed. That opinion and statement is the foundation of your present reality.

You can de-magnetize that opinion, simply by being 100% present and accepting that the experience was part of your learning, and that you have created it by putting in action other values and concepts.

By you being detached from creating concepts from each experience, you gain energy, innocence, joy and a sense of adventure. You create an aura of fearlessness, of neutrality and compassion for your life.

Truth only will prevail when you give to your experiences the real value that they have; learning tools.