Trust: a trap of the mind

How many times have you heard the statement: “All you need to do is trust.” How many times have you found yourself trying to achieve that space of easiness in front of your life dynamics or your internal insights?


Let’s look closely at the nature of trust and the meaning we have been giving to it.


If we look at a 3-month old baby, we observe a complete trust in the mother. He calls her when hungry and food is given. The moment it receives the milk he just takes it. The baby knows naturally how to suck the milk and has no pre-conception of any harm.


As an adult, we have forgotten this natural trust. Instead we have fabricated a concept around it, almost a pre-requisite for us to connect, to surrender or to flow with life. If you are sincere as you read this now, you can already encounter the many pre-requisites that your mind has given to situations or persons for you to flow with what is given to you.


The internal statement: “I need to trust you in order for me to… love, connect, share, etc.” is a construction your mind creates to maintain control over a situation and over your natural flow. This control dynamic with the label “trust” slowly deprives you from your sense of adventure and diminishes the confidence you have in your own capacities and in your abilities to handle new situations.


Accept that your definition of trust is narrow and fabricated to your convenience. Accept that you have given it a meaning based in past experiences and in the apprehension of being hurt. Don’t set yourself up for a life that is calculated, manipulated and invented by you. What you cannot trust is that your fabricated world is the source of your manifestations. It is from that place that you will create the pains, the suspicions, the mistrust and situations that are looking to be freed from your tyranny.


Trust is not an attribute of life. Trust is an invention of the mind to keep you under control. Trust seen in terms of your mind is never satisfied and is never fulfilled. The mind will always give you more pre-requisites. “ If you do that for me, then I can trust you; if I get this recognition, then I can trust myself,” and so on.


If you review your relationships to the sun, the earth and your own naturalness, you will see that the word trust is not there. You naturally know that the sun is there and gives warmth. You naturally know that you are able to handle the present moment and you know that the earth is always under our feet.


Admit to yourself that what is hurting you right now are the opinions and concepts you have given to past situations. Pain comes when you are stuck in a concept and your mind stubbornly wants to keep it. You past is not hurting you. It is your interpretations of it that does. Your future is not hurting you, it is the expectations you have about it.


I wish I could define the non-trust space for you and give you with some comforting idea to hold to, but if I did that, I would be depriving you of the possibility for you to reframe your world without the concept of trust. It is only you, the creator of your reality, who can review what is real in your mind. It is up to you to realign your reality with truth, freedom and real life potentialities.