There are three aspects of communication with our own body, with the spirit within and down, which need to be understood. These three aspects form a unity, a trinity to satisfy the three stages of awareness within you.

We have talked about the different stages of cells within your body: those that are in resistance, those willing to change and those that are in Mastery. Each category requests from the heart different modalities of love, humbleness and communication. Each one requests you to relate through your receptivity, your sensibility and your vulnerability to receive love.

True love is in spirit. In the soul bodies, we have created great dramas and distortions about love, which do not allow the Earth bodies to be fed by the very sustaining energy of the source (love). Love from the source takes the form of benediction, privilege, recognition, and of course, belonging.

These three aspects of self-communication are affection, recognition, and self-qualification. All three are given by our own choice. We don’t need to work on it, we just need to choose.


Most of the time, affection is expressed through a gesture, a sight, a touch, a bonding. We can compare this to when a mother holds her child, where her touch transmits affection and great codes of love. Her affection is transmittable in silence, in attention, in the merging between the mother and the child.

In the same way, the Divine Mother, the spouse of the source, has great affection for all of her offspring, from the planets to the insects. Her affection is unspeakable, and at times, the child does not realize the great affection that it is surrounded by. We take it for granted. In our forgetting, we also forget how to give affection, how to ask for affection, when we need affection and how fundamental affection is in our development.

Affection is very quiet, but it’s fundamental, as it gives a platform through which recognition can come.


Recognition has words: it’s the acknowledgement of what you have, what you have been given. You don’t even need to be grateful, you just need to acknowledge. Here, communication is needed, the face-to-face, as we did with the species [in the meditation]: Hey. Who are you? What are you? What is your gift? Come with me, I have affection for you.

We acknowledge the other’s existence, the other’s efforts for existence, of all the work and all the lessons that the other may have gone through. You don’t need to sympathize, you don’t need to save, you simply need to acknowledge the existence of the other. To acknowledge, you need slowness, presence and vulnerability to be open and to be touched by the existence of the other. The other can be a planet or an insect.


When acknowledgement is complete, you enter into the third stage: self-qualification. In self-qualification, you naturally know where you are, who you are, what you are acknowledging and what is your source of affection.

Self-qualification is only possible when you abandon your pride. Paradoxically, we know what we are and where we are when we stop pretending that we know what we are.

The Trinity of Benediction

These three aspects together, this trinity, gives birth to benediction. You are complete. The within and the with-down create a space of benediction, of grace. Action and inaction are not only given in your communication with source or your natural state of communion with source , but to dwell in the love of the spirit, which is based in truth, which is based in your own freedom.

To be affectionate, to recognize the other or yourself, and to self-qualify, you don’t need special skills. It’s a choice. So why not have that benediction?