Transcending the unsolving tensions of the mind.

The mind is in constant anxiety

When we understand that the mind have a deep existential anxiety we can start relaxing about that fundamental tension that can not be solve. We need to know and point in our process of self-realization what to leave alone in order to alleviate those inner efforts and conversations that can make us going in endless loops.


The mind is trap in the between

The mind is a bridge between the concrete form and the infinite part of us. It is a passage between the invisible and visible, between life and death, between the body and the spirit. Therefore, have no real ground to stand on it, it is just a bridge, a between, an unstable transitorial existence. Deep down we know that, and deep down we have a primal, core anxiety that the mind offer us. The mind is tense and will remain tense, because the link is always stretch, each of the parts, the body and no-body have a gravity, a pull, and the mind is trap into, is in the middle between the material and the no-material.

The mind is a mysterious bridge that unite this contradictory and complementary realities.

The mind always is in paradox, do not matter how ignorant or in denial you are of either reality, you are always in constant negotiation througth your mind with this inner tension.


The mind does not know who she/he is

The other aspect we need to understand about the mind is that is a not a definite thing with us. Mind is a process, it is always changing, influence it by the inner and external environment. It is  a noisy process, a violent process and a tense process. The mind is a flux between the past and the future, a past that is pulling with certain wait and the future that have no arrive jet. This inner movement is what we call mind, and it produce so much tension in us that we are not able to rest quietly without doing nothing and simple observe, witness this ping pong game. We are so desperately trap in this game that we use the senses to get distracted, dull, and away from facing the  inner crowd. We fight hard not to be conscious of it, we prefer to waste our energy in mean less survivals and vane pleasures to dissipate that inner lack of identity.


You born with no mind

The mind is acquired, it is adopted, taught, conditioned by the society, by others for a certain purpose. You born with a potentiality of a mind, with a possibility, that seed had being over emphasized at the point we have being devour by the mind. Our mind become the mind of others, the past of others, that remove us from life, from the present, it put us in an orthodox frame of existence. Our mind is always old and life is new fresh,  that is another inner tension we need to look at it.


To work with the mind is pointless

The only way to jump over this inner, unresolved tensions, is to transcend the mind itself.

It is difficult and arduous work because we have to leave the mind behind completely, we need to go beyond and leave the mind as it is, without touch it.


It is as we are in a relationship that offer us abuse and unhappiness, we can try to solve the so many factor that cause that suffering, we can twist our personalities, emotions and behaviors, but if the relationship is not giving us a core change is it just better to leave behind and to move on. Same thing we need to do with the mind. There is no point in accommodating all this inner tensions, it is just fair to leave behind. To start sitting those 10 minutes in meditation and to look for that open sky that had have being awaiting for us.