How we communicate to our mind and how our mind communicates to us is a key to our lightness of being or to our misery. Communication is subtle and instantaneous in this field. We often miss this language and the powerful impact that it makes in our life.

Here are a few points to contemplate that can impact your life:


When we compare we are losing the power of our own individuality. We never win when we compare. Either we are above someone or below someone. If we are below we will think that we will need to work hard to be better. If we are above than we will also think that we will need to work hard to keep our status.


When we project our life into the future, we abandon the present moment, and with that, all our real vitality and opportunities. The tendency of the mind to see the other side of the river as always greener is not real and it is not sustaining to have an authentic relationship with our self or to our life.

Accepting everything:

Conforming and complacency go together. Both these tendencies of the mind steal from us the ability to check the facts of what is real and to make the proper changes. When we are awake about the challenges of our life, we grow self-responsibility, excitement and a real foundation for lasting evolution.

We ask ourselves how the mind responds to these inner positions. We may encounter a territory that has self-diminishing results. Have compassion about our findings and see them as part of our infantile self. Allow them to grow under the light of our understanding, patience and love. The mind really dissolves when we point it towards our infinity in awareness, consistency and fraternity.

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