When you agreed to enter into the dimension of form, you agreed to participate in the exploration of experiences. With the right understanding of that contract you can navigate them with much ease, joy and purpose.

All experiences are a projection of your belief systems as well as a projection of the One-The Source-. All thoughts you have are either a reflection of your limiting beliefs (limiting experiences) or a direct influx of information from your expanded self. Either way your thoughts are a machine of creation, a sophisticated computer that produces form and invested energy to produce experiences.

The Four Cycles of Maturity of Experiences

There are 4 cycles that allow the experience and the experiencer to transform them into wisdom.

1.- Experiment with what you have in front of you 

In a new incarnation, or a new day you are requested to experiment with the different variables of an experience. The 4 variables are your body, your relationships, your emotions and your mind. The combination and alignment of these 4 aspects can produce a powerful experiment that is based on creativity and with new opportunities to organize the factors of your external life.

With the re-organization of these elements in the external world, naturally, your belief systems are able to see the trajectory of their needs, direction and changes.

It is important that these 4 elements agree on one single point; otherwise, there will always be indecisions, doubt and struggle. Their alignment is a free choice to “respond” to what is new.

2.- Jump into the Experience

Enter into any experience 100%. If you understand that what is in front of you is the proposal of your belief systems, to see themselves, you won’t be that apprehensive to experience your own creation. Experience means to reclaim the experience as yours and to respond with total presence.

3.- Allow to be tested- Integrate

In this aspect of the cycle of the experience you give yourself a chance to prove to yourself that you are understanding your experience. Therefore, you create a “test that makes your experience concrete and crystallizes your awareness.”

For example, “Yes, I have understood in my mind that the fire burns; therefore, I can utilize that force in the right way. If any other part of me proposes to play with fire, I have now the wisdom to say no, or to take what is needed to keep warm.” This integration is a natural reaffirmation you complete before you are ready for the next step of the lesson in question.

4.- Detach and transcend

Transcending the experience is only possible if you have gone through the other 3 steps of maturity. Here, you have the wisdom, you have learned all aspects of the lesson and you are naturally detaching or giving less importance to certain experiences. For example, once you have danced in a discotheque with all your 4 parts (body, relations, emotions and mind) you are complete. You may want to dance somewhere else or in different musical category; but, that particular expression of your experience is complete.


The natural detachment aspect of the lessons is the result of transcendence. It is in that way, that you are able to build an elevated point of view of your life. In that detachment you are able to build an observer that is full of friendliness towards other similar experiences and is therefore a source of aid to others.


Your true wisdom is based on the completion of experiences. Any delay, avoidance or interventions in the expression of your experiences simply delays the process and creates unnecessary struggle in your life.