The karmic heart secret wisdom

The heart is multidimensional

Once I took a walk with my teacher. We end up sitting in contemplation on top of a hill. The vista was breath taking in beauty, serenity and complexity. The trees where full, the sky blue, the river running smoothly. I could feel not only nature whispering but also the bliss of being at peace. At one moment my teacher commented: do you know that all you see, this vastness it is all inside of you, it is you. I was perplexed by the comment, and for many years I keep it in the periphery of my contemplations.

It was only until the dissolution of my personal “I” that a sense of communion arisen. The non-boundaries between nature and others were evident to my inner senses. It was evident that all was inside of me and I was part of the whole. I was everywhere and nowhere was my only limitation.

It was through this understanding that the revelation of what really multidimensionality is. As I took the time to spend in every part of my immensity, I start meeting subtle forms in the vastness of creation. There where all part of me, and I was closely alive within them. They are different of what I am in form and role, but equal to me in essence. They are parts of me in another existence all together; however, they are indispensable pieces for the expansion of my present cosmic understanding.

I observe that frequencies are like teens: they like to hang around with friends with the same interest or vibrations. For example if we choose fear as a based of our choices, that fear create a cluster of molecules that give shape to a form and give birth to a world and beings driven by fear. That choice is not only forming other worlds, but is also forming you. Your creations create you.

Yes, we are the creator of all, and all creates us. We create all that can possible exist, and all that had existed. Our choices create new forms, and new ways of existence. Each of us is like a gigantic womb where we give birth to us and to endless fractal forms.

We are simultaneously within the within and in the without of the without.

By reflecting on this we can realize that we are a multidimensional being and we create multidimensional realities and forms. Those forms, our creations, are organized, manage and alive in the different chambers of the heart.

A little taste of the chambers of the karmic heart.

The chambers of the karmic heart are not only energy gathering with the same flavor that interacts with each other in a form of counterparts. The chambers of the heart have representatives or life forces councils. These representatives or clusters or energy are in a different dimension, however, they directly act and influence our existence.

These vibrational clusters take form in their reality, while in our reality are unseen points of inspiration, purification, guidance and support.

These councils hold guides, masters, angels and deities that orchestrate the specific flow between the chambers as well as the flow towards the little heart. These loving representatives of these chambers seek order, rhythm and implementation of compassion.

The representatives of each chamber interact and cooperate with each other as well as with your soul to deliver with your approval the intensity of the situations you need to learn from.

We will see the type of contributions to the human plane from others dimension in the chapter of the illuminated heart. However for now, let keep getting familiar with some of the qualities of the multidimensional heart.

The middle heart is impersonal, but holds the contributions of your personal choices.

The chambers of the heart are form by the accumulation of your personal choices as well as the collective choices of humanity. The chambers of the heart are also connected to the subconscious of earth and all that she as an identity had chosen.

You, earth and the whole humanity form the fluid or content of the karmic heart. It is not only your stories and choices that impact you, but the choices of the whole. The karmic heart is personal, but is also impersonal.

The middle heart is paradoxical.

While the little heart function in a linear way the middle heart function through paradoxes. It will present to you circumstances that you may seen illogical, difficult, or opposite. However, the bigger picture seek resolution, cooperation and acceptance.( See more about inner paradoxes in the book Subconscious core alignment, page 54)

The middle heart projects itself into form

All your creations, your choices your stories, your thoughts and your active or hidden passions at one point in time will take shape. Those little details that form your life and your sense of self, they are all projections into matter of your creations.

In the heart we born and in the heart we dissolve

It is in the powerful magnetic field of the heart that we are constantly conceived. It is in there where we can reborn in the presence over and over. It is in there were all we had experience dissolve, and it is in there where the absolute non-you reveals itself.

If we don’t understand properly that the karmic heart is only a passage that promotes purification, resolution and empowerment, we can be bouncing into form and non-form for a “long time”. We need to understand that we are beyond the destruction and construction of the karmic heart. When we are fully establish in that truth we move to the illuminated heart, we move to a place where taking form is a choice and dissolving the form is part of one level of life.

The karmic heart allows you live the consequences of your experiences and release you to the absolute truth.