The most delicate passage for the seeker is to surrender their own will without being submissive to an invented outer authority (god, teacher, community). The construction of an outside authority has an intimate relationship with the choice of being a victim as a way to avoid self-responsibility.

The notion of duty (or submission) is the wrong way to look at this powerful force of surrender. Yes, it’s very true that the source will indicate a way that won’t agree with your limited ways and that your infantile vision will translate that as “someone up there” giving me instructions that I need to consider, reframe or forget about.

Meanwhile, the rebellion option (or impulse) comes from the misunderstanding of what you’re really obeying and the recognition that there’s no separation between what you deeply want and what you’re requested to follow.

The Premises of Obedience

You need to cross the following mini-gates to encounter the blissful and peaceful way of obedience:

  1. Transcend the tantrum with parental figures (including any relationships you have turned into an authority, like spouses and colleagues). Here, realize that each chakra has a hook of authority: the first one is your boss; the second is your intimate relations; the third is your thirst for power; the fourth is your sense of being lovable; the fifth is to say the right thing; and finally, the sixth chakra hooks you with the doubt that you have perceived correctly.
  2. Abandon passivity, lack of self-responsibility and victim tendencies.
  3. Clarify that obedience does not mean conforming, submissiveness or duty.
  4. Obedience to the source does not mean to comply with an order, request or law.
  5. Correct your perception that obedience is a gate of surrender and an activation of your mastery.

You only can really obey when you’re free from the I that’s untested in gaining approval, love or recognition.

When the innocent part of you recognizes that you have a privileged position in your creation and that, by representing through the expression of your destiny or in the co-creation of reality, you present yourself in full willingness to do your part, to explore the unknown and to unfold what your pure heart knows.

Obedience is a paradoxical cross, where you’re simultaneously at the mercy of the source (unknown) and in the power of your truth. Obedience unites the finite with the infinite in the capacity for trust, discipline and respect.

In pure obedience, we awaken your tractability (your ability to be lead or malleable). All our bodies reflect instantaneously the divine will as a one single unit that communicates in faith and in trust of each other.

The key is the attentiveness you have on the present needs of the other (planet, person or community). Then, obedience is a spontaneous act of support that’s able to go to the extent of what the other is able to take. All your educated senses are ready, alert and responsive to a need beyond your self-gain.

Extract from the book, The 9 Gates of Mastery: A Seeker’s Initiation to Freedom and Belonging. Eagle Feather Books, 2019.