Everything Rises or Falls in Accordance with Our Radiance

I can honestly say that the efficiency, happiness, and health of my family, friends, and business have a direct correlation with my self-evaluation.

In my experience, any time that I have failed to fully realize who I am and what my capacities are, things have crumbled at my feet and I am unable to deliver my potential.

It is even more dangerous to let the feeling of doubt grow, lacking a perspective of truth or dwelling in spaces that only perpetuate a false image of femininity, motherhood, sisterhood, friendship, or of being a daughter.

The Virus Has Grown Socially for Centuries

It is sad to see how the habit of self-diminishment is such a major force today, across several cultures, making women believe that they are weaker, smaller, and inefficient. Women believe this and pass it down through the generations without questioning the truth of the matter.

Let’s Consider Some Energetic Facts

The soft and supple body of the woman is designed to be the expression of the shakti or the feminine energy of the universe. It is in the woman’s body where humans take form and shape, where we create and regenerate the human race.

From day one, our offspring are showered with a love that no man can fully understand. We can sacrifice, we can give and love unconditionally, and we can have the endurance to sustain a compassionate attitude.

Women are designed socially, physically, and spiritually to expand, grow, manifest, and radiate 16 times more than men. This may be a complex concept to grasp but all you really need to understand is that women have 16 times more capacity to elevate, construct, and understand, and 16 times the capacity to be intuitive, sensitive, and responsible.

We are also 16 times more intelligent, more emotionally aware, and more beautiful. This is because women have 16 energetic tracks, which make her a multi-tasker, a multifaceted being, and multi-creator.

Honoring the Use of Our 16 Tracks

This palette of our resources makes it possible for a woman to be able to take on a variety of different jobs, with 16 different things going on at the same time.

We are able to have a heartbeat in our belly, nurse a child in one hand, stir the soup on the stove with the other hand, and make a shopping list at the same time.

We also have the potential to do these projects in a way that is compassionate and centered.

It is extremely important that we solidify this understanding of a woman’s capacity in our belief system and live to its standard.

Often, most of us do not know our power, and do not take this commitment seriously enough. This negligence has a great impact on the world.

As a result, we often use these 16 tracks against ourselves, making us 16 times more destructive, 16 times more commotional, 16 times more dramatic, and 16 times more scattered.

We also need to realize that this impact ripples into the consciousness of the next 7 generations.

Women have the power, the responsibility, and the honor to make an impact that is uplifting (or else extremely challenging) for the next 7 generations to come. It’s incredible, but true.

We Are Wide and Deep

The depth and the width of our energetic field are really incomparable with that of any other entity in existence on this planet. We sustain the single-track existence of our sons, husbands, male friends, coworkers, and family members.


We are able to project to them a position of sensibility, compassion, and understanding. We give them birth, and, in a different but very similar way, we carry them through life.


We can inspire them or destroy them. If all the women of the world understood and honored this energetic principle, there would be no wars, hunger, or abuse of power.  

Start in the Present Moment

All we really need to do is to realize our self-worth and to not allow the uneducated voices of our mind to sabotage our value.

If we let our mind have its way, we will manifest persons and situations which challenge our self-worth.

We will meet the insecure man who tries to put us down or the woman who wants to show us our ignorance.

Be proud of your capacities, expand your limits in a realistic way, praise yourself, and walk tall in any circumstance.

Truly, you have the capacity to elevate yourself and others 16 times more that any life form on this planet.

An Excerpt from Lost Secrets of the Feminine: Fecund Insights to Activate the Life Force. Berdhanya Swami Tierra. Published by Eagle Feather Books, 2019.