The bliss to be free

The creative joy and the painful delivery

It never fails, every time I sit in front of a creative project, I am aware of the two creative currents. One is the excitement of possibility. The other is the apprehension of stepping into the unknown.

Lack of awareness of these two currents brings a certain sense of decentering. I either create nervously, or without the courage to make the project unique and congruent with my life experience.

Same attitude everywhere

It took me a while to realize that this attitude also applies to my life. Like all experiences that require reforming myself and jumping into realities not experienced before, I was either afraid to loose identification with a role or an image, or afraid not to gain recognition, fame or love. My creativity was based in fear instead of in the innocent expression of a divine force.

Awareness and meditation

Repetitive and constant inner practice is leading me slowly towards an ongoing state of mature creativity. The two currents are less far apart, they are closer and closer to one another, allowing both a peaceful excitement and a deep surrendering to be unveiled in myself in the process. This creative unity is activated by practicing awareness and meditation, constantly and devotionally. With this attitude, I encounter infinite ways of expressing that state where I vibrate with the whole and the simple. I meet places where I don’t know the whole dance and mystery of creation.

Practice makes the master

All I know at this point, is that practice makes the master, that consistency removes any doubts and falsities, and that meditation makes us innocent and sensitive enough to understand and participate in a plane of creation that is the basis for all other manifestations of organic or inorganic expression.

Without that sensitivity, we cannot access a subtle code of existence. We remain with the narrow perception that all that exists is what we see, achieve or desire. Without that sensitivity, our creative highway becomes a narrow passage: all we think about is being different or “original” at work, in relationships, with health and/or money.


I am the creator, the creation and the created

Fearless expression leads my awareness towards the differentiation and the union of three creative forces: the creator, the creation and the created. I am the creator when I unite within myself differences, conflicts, pride. Out of that union, an exterior reality is created: the one in which I live, the creation that reflects where I am, and what I am. This reality reflects my weaknesses, my strengths, my challenges and my accomplishments. Within that energy force, the “now” dissolves. Within that expression I am constantly created, constantly massaged. The interaction of the creator, the creation and the created is a Divine Totality. If any of the forces is not observed or meditated, the circle is not complete. I am not complete, my environment, relationships or work are not complete, the joy of being constantly created is lost.