Infinite consciousness plays and delights itself as it takes diverse forms.
Form is and retains infinite consciousness.

As the seeker comes into existence on Earth, they will meet and undergo the laws of transfiguration from non-form into form.
The seeker’s willingness and acceptance to take form defines their access to Earth’s vitality (prana) and order (cycles).

By accepting Earth 100% as the Mother of Form, the seeker’s form completes the process of transfiguration and their form becomes useful.

All forms are the infinite consciousness. All forms are fit to be adored and worshiped.

By taking shape on Earth, the seeker performs the first aspect of worship, free from mantras or any other expression.
This worship is useful, since it is based in an immediate closeness with Oneself.
The realization of this intimate closeness with the infinite consciousness is effortless, and it is the highest form of worship.