The notion of “I”, you, space and time given by the mind has the effect of creating form and planetary existence (earth bodies)

The form in a restless state seeks experiences. When the senses engage in the experience, form is established and the wheels (chakras) are put in motion.

When the seeker realizes that their mind is the creator of the form and the notion of experiences, it frees the form to form (the first type of emptiness) and frees the experiencer from experiences (the second type of emptiness).

Naturally, the third form of emptiness is realized, which is the empty nature of pure existence, that which is free from cause and effect or any notions.

The marmas of creation are in the tip top of the nose and at the tip of the tongue. When the nadi is directed toward Earth, it bounds the seeker to planetary dynamics. When the nadi is directed towards essence, the form is no more and the seeker realizes the emptiness of the source.