Subconscious Core Alignment Timetable

The subconscious core alignment studies were introduced by Bhuvaneswari in a systematic way over a period of ten months. The table below illustrate the order of the teachings in case you want to review or explore these fascinating teaching on the soul bodies in the structure of your being. It is suggested to use the guidebook ” Subconscious Core Alignments” in conjunction with the audio classes for maximum benefit. Contact us if you need further clarification.


  1. The Basics


The studies of the subconscious were introduced by an audio core practice called, “Deep Listening.” This meditation stimulates in the student the cosmology of the subconscious and brings to the surface the flow that may need to be revisited for self-empowerment and memory strength. It is suggested to do the different parts of this meditation for 40 days. The core meditation that complement the practice of Deep listening is the Arista meditation. This meditation is also suggested to be done for 40 days.


  1. The Enfoldment


The teachings unfold in a concise system as follows:



By month  Meditations Intensives
First month On virtual frequencies On embodiment
On Interfaces
On earth interfaces
On the steps of self-inquiry
Month 2 On the sky interfaces On the interfaces of the structure of being – Part 1
On promiscuity
On the 3 stages of perception
On the desire to die
Month 3 On divine partnership On the interfaces of the structure of being Part 2
On the earth masters
On the vibrational SHA Bhuvaneswari introduces the goddess Kriya
On the acid flow of the blood
Month 4 On the desire to belong On the cycles of the structure of being
On the tunnels of the heart
Month 5 On the red ruby On the parallel self
On parallel self
On the pyramid within Bhuvaneswari introduces Subdivision 2
On biological cords
On the law of the spirits
Month 6 Meditations are delivered on a daily based in India on the divine order. 21 days panchakarma on cellular regeneration and paradoxes.
Month 7 On personal meditations On the organ of transmission
On the last judgment
On the sense of I am Bhuvaneswari introduces the course on Contemplation
On the acid juices
Month 8 On the hunted sage On Resolution of paradoxes
On compromises
On YES Bhuvaneswari introduces the course “The origin of human race”
By month Meditations Intensives
Month 9 On Mother’s perception of self
On the 3 qualities of the goddess On the feminine DNA
On the trap of meditation
On the effortless being On the unknown space
Month 10 On the fractal being
On the illusion and delusion
On the spirit of each chakra.
* Meditations and Intensives are complemented by weekly radio lectures.- free at * Art classes and healing workshops were also in the agenda in 2013/2014.