By Isabela Blanchet

I met a woman whose face was tight and serious. She asked what I could do to help her skin. she had pimples in the lower part of her cheeks and her eyes were dull.

Given the location of her pimples, I surmised that the source was constipation and/or grief or depression. Her shallow breath and shoulders held high and very tight, as if defending from something, also struck me. She mentioned that she has constipation, is chronically depressed, and that people have been mean to her since childhood and keep putting her down. She repeating that story several times during the session.

The gangsters within

This is a perfect example of how stress and though patterns affect our emotions. They are like skilled but cruel gangsters that rob us of our physical beauty. After suggesting a product for her skin, I told her to take deep, long breaths, then pointed to her stiff shoulders to help her bring awareness to what was going on in her body and away from her mind.

A pillar of light

I told her to imagine a pillar of warm, gold light coming from the core of the Earth entering her spine through the coccyx all the way up to the heart. I then told her to see a similar pillar coming from way up in the sky entering her crown down to her heart, to merge the two and then distribute that to her whole body, including her hands. Since she is a generous person, I told her to put her two hands on her heart and be as generous with herself as with others.

You attract what you believe

The transformation was striking. She was smiling widely, her eyes were sparkling, her neck and shoulders were relaxed and I could feel she was more grounded. I asked her how she felt. She said ‘So great it’s hard to believe…. but when I am happy others feel jealous of me and put me down again.’ Bringing her back to the now, I asked her how she felt ‘right now’. She said ‘I feel happy and relaxed, my jaw is not tight (she didn’t notice she was smiling). But when I am happy… She repeated the same story again. Her smile and sparkling eyes were gone again.  Caught in the story, she didn’t realize she was responsible for her own sadness and re-enforcing the pattern.

For some reason, people have deep attachments to the old stories that keep them in pain. Why is it so hard to fully accept compliments such as “You are so beautiful and talented! You will attract a fulfilling job, wealth or a kind loving boy friend?” You resist trading the familiar because you are afraid of the unknown. It usually takes a traumatic experience, a wake up call of sorts, such as a serious disease, a relationship breakup or a threatening event to make a significant change.

The cue

As hard as things can get, don’t miss the cue. Consider this event as a blessing perfectly designed to help you take your first step in a new direction. As the saying goes, doing the same things will bring the same results. It doesn’t need to be that hard though. Changing one thing in your life will bring new results. That thing can be as simple as adopting a new breath pattern.

Re-write your stories

When you feel tight, victimized, ugly, depressed, catch the recurring thoughts or emotions that deprive you of the joy, wealth, power and beauty you naturally deserve, try this process:

  • slow down and expand your breath
  • check where your body is tight
  • observe what is going on inside without judgment
  • connect with the center of the Earth and with the furthest possible place in the Sky and imagine your spine filled with a permeating flow of warm golden light distribute that light everywhere in your body
  • assess where you are right now and recognize the story for what it is, a story that can be re-written at will
  • repeat this exercise often.

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