A Spiritual Paradox is where two seemingly contradictory truths can exist right next to each other and yet both be true.

Living in a state of paradox is to allow the mind to accept its true role and position in the structure of being, in service to the Self. Inevitably, the relationship between you and your mind changes and a deep peace, emptiness and surrender emerges from within. Paradoxes end the conversations of the mind and allow you to belong to the cosmic conversation of emptiness.

To enter into paradoxical intelligence is to acknowledge this one small task: to cease being what we are not, and to eternally be what we are. Such a task would seem to be a gift of Love, but how often is it denied in favor of the blind security of conforming to the dictates of our fear and blame? If we would only see that all limitations are self-imposed and chosen out of fear, we would leap at once into the arms of grace, no matter how fierce that embrace might be.

Paradoxes can expand our awareness or dissipate our energy if turned into polarities. They expand awareness when they are integrated as universal truth. They lose energy when they are integrated as polarities or places where the Self has to choose.

The mind is only refined when dual thinking is directed towards paradoxic intelligence. All the hidden meaning of paradoxes become clear and integrated in the abandonment of identification with the mind. Paradoxical intelligence is inclusive: it brings together all parts of yourself without judgment or condition; in this togetherness is the fullness of being where we recognize the divinity of all things and all beings, no matter how great or small. Divinity is not something earned or given, but lavishly present within all. To have the eyes to see the divinity of all beings is to bring light into this world.

Paradoxical intelligence includes the mind’s activities regarding the creation of your daily life, but it does not touch the Self as part of that project. The understanding of the tendency of the mind to polarize existence — and to exclude the true nature of Self from any its polarized dynamics — is the first sign of paradoxical intelligence.

The other paradoxical aspect is the recollection — or harvesting — of the different selves into one single point of emptiness. All parts of the Self in different dimensions and with different frequencies gather in one single point of love, of belonging, of interaction. All paradoxical existence in different times frames gather in one point of surrender: Self-dissolution. I am all, I am nothing. In that ground, we find our true being; in the same manner in which our being is un-created, it is also undying. Therefore, all that we will ever be or can be is found in our solitude (within ourselves). It is timelessly present in its fullness and completeness, now and eternally.

The power of paradoxical intelligence is one of the gates of Self-Realization. It is a power that facilitates the arrival of inner faculties that have been suppressed through time. The faculties of telepathy, sympathy, clairvoyance, the understanding of cosmic events, the hidden language of nature, advanced mathematics, the comprehension of the five elements, energy sustainability and other original faculties of the brain can only can be recovered by moving the understanding to a paradoxical perception.

The pain of losing these faculties and our capacity for paradoxical thinking needs to be uncovered recovered and upgraded from each of our cells. We were severely punished for talking to plants and for going into trances to produce a greater connection within. We chose to conform, to forget and to submit to dualistic thinking. We are discouraged from thinking for ourselves and from going within since there is a consequence for that, and instead, we give our external opinions greater value than they truly have. We are trained to invalidate our paradoxical intelligence and we think we will be rewarded by following the masses.

Most of this devastating training disempowers our awareness that “We are the Creators of our Reality” — we have forgotten our right of creation and have been given a false and hidden sense of danger.