We can think of spiritual contractions as a series of pressures points of different densities interacting in the structure of being. 

These pressure points can be of different natures, such as:

  • intense: when the discharge of energy is like electricity; 
  • subtle: when the energy is modular or in waves; or, 
  • in intervals: when the energy is like a pulse, or when they’re all going at the same time and with different degrees of pressure as the living movement of transmutation.

These energetic contractions act over limiting belief systems. Energetic contractions and belief systems are not compatible. We can think of belief systems as solid places in the structure of being and contractions as a drilling force that pulverizes the beliefs.

Spiritual contractions are also a way for the source to purify/upgrade (destroy) itself. There are sectors in the cosmic tapestry where these zones of contraction are more present and active. As we arrive in our evolution to a place of conjunction of this frequency, a great chain reaction of purification is put into motion. The pressure can be experienced in the nadis, in the nervous system, in the DNA or simply in the cellular structural functions.

In periods of contraction, all of what is not real is put in our face and all of our immaturities are put into a context that points toward more absolute respond-ability to the great will of the source. We are being asked to understand surrender and consequently, to allow a greater regeneration to occur.

It is important to see clearly in these periods that what we resist is not the change that we think we need to make, but the powerful will of the source to make us nothing. Realize that there’s a difference between resisting our own inspirations (what we know we need to learn from or act on on the physical plane) and resisting the inspiration that challenges our own will. This type of inspiration requests surrender since it is a direct comand from the source. As the structure of being enters into the sector of contraction, there’s a fine opportunity for the alignment of your circle of affection, of your compassion and for the expression of your passions.

Surrendering to spiritual contractions, redirects the energy to the unknown. Each contraction and expansion obliges the seeker to stop being themselves and to become the pulsation of the present presence. 

Contraction zones:

Contractions zones are composed of different “stations”, and each station has its own flavour, frequency and language that needs to be approached with agility, freshness and boldness. Passing through a zone of contraction teaches us to “breathe in” — to breathe in and to stay in the breath in.

We fear zones of contraction because we are invited to be still in movement, to be present to what is real and to be absent towards the unreality.  We are requested to abandon any desire to seek out personal entertainments. In the great cycles of contraction, our belief systems about scarcity, boredom, and complexity are invited to be destroyed.

In the great silence of surrender, in that immediate immense inner space, we are able to regenerate, as the new sector of the body of the source embraces us in a incomparable journey of evolution toward deeper phases of the structure of belonging.