By Matthew Cosgrove

There are seemingly endless, subtler and subtler layers of reality, so the images of The Archetypal mind, depending on which level they are from may vary or even conflict, but they are all true. This contributes to the paradoxes we encounter in the Spirit world, where the greater truths understand that while there is truth in everything nothing is really the absolute truth.

The limited mind and ego would like everything to be linear and logical, including spiritual teachings. But truth is not linear and logical. At times its light only can shine if we enter it through the world of the unknown. Paradox is the gatekeeper to truth because it challenges all who wish to pass. We cannot proceed without a passport that can only be acquired by courageously dropping what we think we know. Once in, unbound by fixed realities, we enter a place of power where the intellect can easily maneuver and follow the pathways, which are defined and framed by these parallel realities. We can then, for example grasp how we needn’t try and be because we already are, and all the other great spiritual paradoxes paradoxes that masters throughout the ages have created as they teach doing without doing, stillness in action and being while not being. Paradox is where the road ends and the sign says ‘’no more vehicles beyond this point’’ and when the teacher takes you to the edge of your known world and says ‘‘drop the ego and jump’’.