Whatever you think spiritual awakening is, it is either incomplete or wrong. We have decorated our spirituality with myths, with concepts and with convenient protocols to feel good, to be good and to do well.

Spiritual awakening cannot really be defined because its nature is random, like the photons moving in space. The awakening, however, requires certain pre-requisites of perception, lightness and detachment.

I am not even sure if the seekers really understand and practice correctly these three pre-requisites. It is important not to take for granted the understanding and practice of these terms, and to check if your understanding is correct with a spiritual teacher.

The personal awakening follows specifics cycles, the cycles of the cosmos, the cycle of the earth, the cycles of the moon and our willingness to remain committed to our own liberation.

At this point in time, any individual can have inner freedom; however, only a few are completely dedicated to their liberation. The lack of persistence and insistence toward the inner world is our only lack.

Be sure that you nourish your awakening by seeking the right understanding of nature (perception) by refusing to accept anything that is not yours (fear for example) and to give the proper value to thing and events.

All these opportunities are given to you each day, in each experience, in each curve of life transitions and in the willingness that continuously activates your inner world.

Do not feel deprived of realizing your freedom, your grace and your power. In the end, spiritual awakening is a personal choice that accumulates the power in your brain that is required for you to hold high frequencies that produce understanding, detachment and lightness of being.