Sha the path of the innocent warrior

Sha Retreat is a yearly event we host outside the safety of the familiar.  It is a leap beyond the Sha-_man, a leap beyond any personalization of the magic, a leap beyond the limits imposed by ego and a leap beyond the known into the unknown. Sha is a frequency of magic where nothing is predictable or pre-destined opening us to the limitless possibilities of the eternal.


It is the shift from simply writing words to becoming a poet, from playing notes on an instrument to becoming a true musician and from sketching outlines to jumping into the world of the artist. It is in the expression and it is in the doing that we drop the limited mind and become.

As it is an art, Sha itself defies branding and perhaps could never be labeled as a healing modality unto itself. Its purity is like the current itself that drives the river. In the heart of this inner place, which is like the constantly renewing vitality of this current, we are not bound by any teachings or techniques, but are freed to adapt and to create in response to the needs of the moment.

The expression drawn from this current within us, whether it is an art piece, a poem, song or healing technique  is like a snapshot in time. It is true to what is at that moment. As truth itself has an eternal nature there is an agelessness quality to real art , yet the place  itself that it is inspired from continues to evolve. It is like taking a pail of water out of the river that the current has brought us but the current itself continues on its never-ending journey back towards the sea.

By Matthew Cosgrove