SHA: The gesture of your naturalness

I am who I am, so be it .

This simple statement is what we constantly sabotage with the nonsense in our minds that keeps us wanting to be contained, either in the past that is gone or in the fantasies of our future.  All what we are, all what we potentially can become is wasted through the uneducated speech through the efforts for recognition, superlatives, and the avalanche of desires.  We are experts in beating the simple sentence of “I am who I am”.  And equally, experts we can become in rescuing the only value we have inherited from the divine.

Truly nobody can teach us, because it is a spontaneous happening of the being; however it can be facilitated and it is not the science that can facilitate it, nor the religion.  It is only the exploration in the arts, the embodiment of that spontaneous flow  in our speech, in our gesture, in our body position, and in the dance of life.

Sha is designed to open that possibility for you. The program is envisioned to call upon your deepest rebel within to break all your conditioning and truly make an inner revolution for freedom and enlightenment.  No one night is equal to another.  Sha is an art by itself.  It destroys all formats for you.   It destroys your safety blankets and each exercise is calling you to awake “I am what I am”.  Your freedom is in your body, in your breath, and in your ability to contact naturally.  Your freedom is to perceive yourself under the joy and the celebration of your existence.

Sha destroys what you are not.  Sha pokes at your small “ I “.  Sha destroys your box.  Sha gives you a chance to live.

Music as an invocation of your own primal vibration, is used. Movement as an analogy of the life force, as the only constant you can rely on, is used.  Breath as the healing energy and as the bridge between the mind and the body, is used.  Visual representation as an iconography of the subconscious.  Knowledge:  as a source of inspiration.  Contact:  as a realization you are not alone.  Expression:  as a way of catharsis.  These are some the components of Sha.

You may find yourself more strongly  in some areas more than in others.  You should feel equally comfortable in all of them, then you will know your mind has exploded with Sha, then you will know that your life force has been activated.  Then you will know when you have your potentials in your hands with full responsibility.  When you look in somebody’s eyes, and you cannot contain the joy.  When your body responds to the air, like a solid mass that massages your most inner cores.  When you look at the sky and realize how small you are, how insignificant, and at the same time, so blessed.  When you cannot give up your enthusiasm and when you cannot tolerate any limitations, until then, you will know you have mastered Sha.  Sha is for the spiritual warrior.  For the one who is thirsty to expand their life or their horizons.  Sha is for the one who has no death, who has realized that to be born, to marry, to work and to die is not the life.  Sha is a higher education of your spirit.  Sha is the true making of the core in the now. Sha is a privilege, a commitment to yourself and to your freedom.  It is a path of many wars that only will tell you one truth:  you are on the path of higher thinking that proves you are still evolving.