By Matthew Cosgrove

Excerpt from His Book The altar of the Initiative

The Altar of the Initiate draws on the ancient teachings of the seven directions to cast insight into life’s higher purposes, stages and true meanings of the initiations that life provides.

Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going?. These are questions that The Seven Directions Of The Soul can answer. The framework is based on little known northeast Native American teachings. Modern science bases its findings usually on years of painstaking research to reach its conclusions. But indigenous knowledge, medicines and teachings, that are mostly dismissed because they are not scientific, are also based on not just years, but lifetimes of observations, handed down and refined through countless generations. These teachings of course cannot be scientifically proven because not that many have died and come back to talk about it, but even if one does not believe in reincarnation, it probably does not matter, because one may still detect the depth of wisdom and the signature of truth contained in them.

They are presented from a cross-cultural perspective, and as true teachings are ageless, they seem both current and ancient. They show us that there are no bypasses or shortcuts on the path of becoming a complete and whole human being. They teach us that we need to first descend onto the earth, and find our guts before we can truly stand and reach for heaven.

The Seven Directions of the Soul allow you to locate yourself on this fascinating map of the stages of an individual soul’s evolution. In their broad and timeless perspective, we see that what many on the Earth are now awakening to is what has been called through the ages The Shamanic Birth. We see that this is not only a natural part of the evolutionary process, but that it is also a stepping-stone to full enlightenment.

The Seventh Direction and the New Earth chapter explains what the changing frequency now happening on Earth means to us on a soul level and how to adapt to it.

Matthew Cosgrove is a Shamanic Healer who offer private sessions and teachings. Get his book the “Altar of the Initiative” in here