Affection toward the self, caring for what we appreciate inside of ourselves and announcing our skills to the world is self -esteem.

Self-appreciation or valuing the self under any action or circumstance is self-esteem. Cruelty towards the self is not to provide self-affection.

Fearlessness before inner and outer challenges demonstrates self-recognition or self-esteem.

Abandonment and disobedience to what we know in our heart is a signal of low self-esteem.

Self-esteem relates to our inner judgments. The more we criticize, doubt and put on trial our initiatives, performance or inspirations, the more intensely the inner insecurity and self-diminishment is present.

The consequences of this position are the sense of being paralyzed, stuck or not being able to move forward in life. The inner feeling is resentment, envy and anger.

The application of self-judgment through time brings a sense of weakness, impotency and low self-value.


  1. You are assuming your reality based on an incomplete perception of reality. You are not aware that creation has provided everything that you need to complete a task or realization. You assume that you need to do it yourself; this ignorance gives rise to a forced current of existence. You conclude: “I need to do it by myself, but I am not equipped to do it.” You override God.
  1. You deny and avoid the pleasure of a blissful and fulfilled life.
  1. You were trained through time to believe that being submissive is being good.
  1. You judge your existence by justification, denying, falsifying and rationalizing — and even, often beautifying — the very undesirabe and destructive traits associated with low-self esteem.

The Four Levels of Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can be active or inactive; it can be conscious or subconscious.

Active: The person negates the activation of their own personal attributes through excuses, reasoning or apologies. They feel weakness, doubt, negativity, inadequacy and inferiority.

Inactive: The person is expressing their attributes in the outer world; however, any recognition and acknowledgement of his/her own power and strength to move forward remains dormant . The person completes automatic tasks but the desire to grow or move forward is often sabotaged or manipulated. (Submission).

Conscious: The person acknowledges their inner criticism, discomforts and sense of weakness before their challenges. However, they criticize themselves for being in this state As a consequence, the pain remains consciously active.

Subconscious: The person is oblivious of their self-condemnation, inner shame and powerlessness. They react to challenging situations, instead of acting on challenges.

Different Strengths of Self-Esteem

Too Strong: The person assumes that they are personally at risk in every movement of life. They delay decisions due to doubt in itself. They feel not covered by creation and that life is always a threat. They become driven and go on anxious searches, occasionally relentless inquisitions. (suggest: They become driven and go on anxious searches or relentless inquisitions.) They can respond massively to a small threat to make sure there are no surviving threats to be faced at a later date.

Too Weak: The person is naïve and thinks that life has no dangers or disasters. They see the possible dangers that others can be exposed to; however, they assume that these dangerous threats are intended for someone else or will never materialize. It is hard for that person to imagine evil intent or ill will.

Balanced: The person is aware of their inner strength by committing to a task or to the Self. The individual responds quickly and fearlessly in front of challenges. They use single-minded focus on duty and toward their objective by systematically eliminating factors or experiences that do not lead to their goal. They are seriously focused and committed. Everything they do or others do around them, must move toward their objective and not limit or hurt their position. This person enjoys challenges, growth and expression.

By discovering and activating the infinite possibilities within ourselves, we are able to make positive changes, and we come to respect and love ourselves. We come to be realize that we are a great leading force that is constantly co-operating with the creation of creation. We recognize that humble title of self -goodness and self-Goddess.