When we relate to our wisdom, we need inevitably to relate to our multi-dimensionality. Each of our different layers of existence knows different things, and is capable of knowing different things. 

For example, the physical body knows certain things, and the mind knows other things; the emotions know other things; the experiences in relationship know other things. Right? Then, your sacred contracts, your past lives, your more subtle bodies know other things. Everything is compartmentalized in terms of knowing.

Each room has it’s function and knows certain things. The kitchen knows how to cook. The living room knows how to relax. The bedroom knows how to sleep. And so on.

Then, there is a fluid that connects all these layers of knowing in order to make sense of it all and to encompass something that leads you to the right perception or to equanimity. This is the fluid of humbleness.

If you think you know, for example, and you get stuck in that thinking, you create opinions, belief systems, values, then you get stuck there and you cannot access the whole palette of information — some subtle, some gross, some of different categories. So the test of knowing is humbleness. The fluid of humbleness is that one that joins together all these layers and makes them an accordion that can access the different tones, depending on what we are experiencing, depending on what we wish to know.

In the accordion — in the movement of contraction and expansion – you need to be relaxed. Because some knowing comes out of electricity, like the mind, it’s quick, it sparkles, it needs to respond quickly. Other knowing is more plasmic, like the emotions. It takes more time to know exactly what you are feeling. And the body being the most slow.

Then, there is the knowing of the subtle : the more subtle the information, the more relaxed and empty you need to be to access it. If you are tense, you cannot access your own personal library, where you are coming from, what lives you have lived, what is your history. But once you start relaxing, and all the glimpses of unfinished business start to be released through your meditation and other practices, then you start having clear knowing. This type of knowing comes not through your mind, but through revelations. This fluid of knowing only comes through the fluid of humbleness, the relaxation of humbleness.

One aspect of it is the personality that thinks that it knows. You cannot be truly humble as long as you are relating to a persona : I am what I have, I am what I know, I am what I am comfortable in, I am what I wish to be. Any of those identifications immediately puts you into pride. The prerequisite of the detachment of personality is a must.

First, it’s the ego. The ego is the one that will put you down. You cannot do it, you are not good enough, this is wrong. Hopefully, all of you have moved out of there.

Now, it is  personality — the identification of roles, of your identity. The more you attach to it, the more pride you have. The more pride you have, the more deprived you are of knowing all the layers of your multiple dimensions.

Or, you only know one band, one category, and you think that’s reality.For example, you only know about your mind, and you decode your existence and your reality based on what your mind tells you about what you are and what the outside world is. But it’s incomplete. It’s not like it’s wrong, but it’s not accessing the other parts of you — the emotions, the body, your past lives, the light bodies, or any of the other bodies. You are compartmentalized. Your perception is narrow. Incomplete.

It’s not wrong, you are never wrong, you are just incomplete. You don’t have the whole entire scope. And when you think you have it, it’s pride. The accordion cannot expand. It compresses you. You get stiff.

Part of your mastery is to allow the plasticity of all these bodies to interact with each other and to come up with information that doesn’t belong to any. Do you follow me in this concept?

The mind gives you something, the emotions gives you something, the experiences give you something, your subconscious gives you something. Then comes up the living knowing, the living intelligence — an amalgamation of the contributions of the different bodies. Then you feel complete, you feel supported.

This knowing plays in non-time. We only arrive when it needs to arrive.

That’s why pushing to know what your next step, where you should go, what you should do, tenses you. That desires tenses you : it comes from one of your identifications, who wants to have control, who cannot hold the intensity of receiving the different parts and making the living alchemy of being the living knowing.

That stubbornness of ‘I need to know’ doesn’t only tense you, but it is suspiciously belonging to some personality. You are immediately out of the wisdom that can possibly be given by the different bodies. It tenses you. It is apprehensive. What should I do? Where should I go? It’s subtle. Meanwhile, with this personality, the flow of personality doesn’t really allow you to access to the living intelligence, the living knowing.

That interaction of your conscious, your subconscious and your unconscious and all the different bodies that are in those is what makes your living knowing. Each one will contribute different colours, and will make a different painting with different tones.

The knowing is not information. It is not intuition, it is not a mental process. We are used to think of knowing as something that I read and I learn. But here, I am referring to the knowing that YOU ARE the knowing. You ARE the knowing. It is not from outside in. It is not am learning something from outside, or I am knowing something. It is, I AM the Knowing, the Known and the unknown. I AM. It’s your body, all 12 bodies in pure, constant action.

This is an important distinction. You think that knowing is an instant knowing, like ‘Oh, I get it’. Or even knowledge. It’s not.

It is the recognition that you do have the capacity to access information that is you, and that you need, only in the moment that it’s necessary.

This is something we really need to contemplate, because you rely a lot on personas, on that conditioning, that training of learning and knowing from outside, and you modify that living force that is intelligence. Knowing is more related to knowing that when you cut yourself, you will heal. Your cells know immediately how to heal, spontaneously. The same thing should happen in your relationships, in your emotions, in your mind, in your supra-astral body, in your light bodies, in your consecration body. Each body should contribute with their own intelligence, interacting constantly, making you the knower. Making you the embodiment of living intelligence.

That intelligence is enlightenment or the wisdom of the enlightened one.

Are you getting me on this? Can you please check the definition of knowing in your brain, and incorporate a wider, more impersonal and empowering understanding?

It is through this understanding that you will drop the idea that you need to know what’s next. When you vibrate in the normal knowing, the conditioned knowing, it is linear time, and you build concepts. It’s fine if you are building something practical, science, etc. This is a linear knowing. But spiritual knowing is not the same. It’s based on the flow of your humility and in the interaction of the different qualities that the bodies supply to you in every instant, and in different time frames.

How do you unite your subconscious and your unconscious with the conscious? How do you not make any separation in it? We are all living in the same instantaneous living expression.

Now, you, isolated, have a limited knowing. You in connect-ability have unlimited knowing. That flow of humility has the capability of taking you farther than yourself. You cut and you heal. You look and you feel. You think and you create. But if you keep that only for you, and in only one sense of isolation, it becomes limited and destructive, because you start going in the same wheel, and you start creating a reality that doesn’t really exist. That parallel knowing is our curse.

We all live in parallel knowings, because we are isolated : isolated by our personality, isolated by our ego, isolated by our limited perception that we are here only to do certain things. Once you extend your humbleness, when you express it and you connect, it becomes like the web — an infinite, living matrix that transmits the information through the whole cosmos. The living organism — which you can call chi, or God, or whatever.

Your contribution is important. If you are only contributing with your mind, let’s say — that God, that matrix, becomes more mind. If you contribute with the full totality of interaction of your bodies. If your whole 12 bodies, you are contributing with your full totality — that’s mastery.

It’s okay to say, I contribute with my emotions, my relationships, my mind. You are always contributing to the collective knowing, living knowing — but what is your quality? What is your excellency? What is your totality? This is why it is so important that we open our scope and allow each of our bodies to do their job.

If we cut ourselves, and we keep digging in the wound, we will not heal. Same thing with our emotions. If we just feel the winds of the moon — sad, or happy, all of the 9 emotions.. But instead, we start judging. ‘No, I should not feel this, I should be only happy.’ We are digging, and we are not allowing the plasticity of the emotional body to work it’s intelligence. So the more we allow our whole bodies, the more we contribute to the collective intelligence of knowing.

Your knowing is in strict relationship to your humbleness and to your connect-ability. In preparation with the allowance of your bodies, the cohesiveness of your bodies, made by humbleness. The flow. Humbleness unites, makes things supple, creates a certain inclusion of the mind, the emotions, of the body. It includes and deduces, and makes equanimity, that has a deduction that has equanimity, and immense, infinite wisdom.

But you do prefer to keep your limited knowing of your personality. See what you are trading? You are trading one penny for a gold mine. You prefer to keep your penny, because the personality has a ghost knowing, a parallel, limited, stubborn knowing, a destructive knowing. It gives you a sense of who you are, what you should do or should not do, but it’s not real. It even makes you feel a certain way.

You are so convinced, “This is me, this is what I know, this is what I feel, this is me.”.  It could be good and stable, but if you have a sense of the I, of the you, of the knowing, it’s not it.

It’s not about not knowing, it’s about understanding what knowing is, and how we know.

Let’s start by contemplating that my concept of knowing is not it, and it’s not serving me. And then, just leave the window open to contemplate on what the real knowing is that we are talking about. We move out of the linear way of ‘I know”, and start making peace with the fact that you cannot know infinity. This is part of your humbleness. You are all knowing, but at the same time, you don’t know anything. You are meant not to know. Not because you are deprived, but because infinity is too big, and it shows in a capricious way all its faces. We are informed only in non-time, not in linear time. In the infinity time.

To conclude: Personality doesn’t know. It may know how to be an engineer, how to be a teacher, how to be a chef. But this is not you. The knowing of personality is just one segment, and not the whole repertoire that you are capable of receiving, integrating, assimilating and becoming.

You only have perceived knowing through the lenses of personality. As long as it’s there, you have limited scope, like a horse. In the end, it will be destructive and limited because it isolates you. It won’t connect you. Forget what connection is.

When you cut yourself, how do those cells know how to connect with each other? What is the attraction? How do they know perfectly how to interact? They will come together and heal, even if there is someone there telling them that the first stage is to clean it, and the second stage is, you need to do this. They will close, no matter what.

I am doing a surgery in your brain right now. What you know is not what is real. Not only what you know, but the actual knowing is not real. Then, you remain ignorant, limited.

Your worst enemy of assessing this different definition of knowing is — but how do I get there? The big formulas, my eternal battle with you guys about that. How belongs to personality, to effort, to “I want to know, If I don’t know, I cease to exist.”

That’s precisely the work. That’s your courage, a test, your faith at test.

You are changing your line of knowing for another kind of knowing. Knowing A by knowing B. Are we clear on the difference about these two types of knowing? It’s not your intuition, not your cleverness, not your intelligence, it’s not your linear way of thinking. It is the interacting and consummation of all your bodies acting in non-time, giving you the exact and precise perfection of the action, of the thoughts, of the emotions, of the embodiment. Everything. Poof. And it hits you every instant. And it’s quiet and it’s calm and it’s trusting, and it’s deep, and it’s clear, and it’s equanimous.

Mostly it involves, it includes. It’s happy to include because it recognizes that it’s incomplete if it’s not an inclusion. That is when the knowing descends into the heart and it becomes love, compassion. My knowing includes you. And in that inclusion, it expands, it fortifies, the humbleness becomes compassion, serves compassion, gets established in compassion. And then, the immense alchemy, the infinite life starts to appear, like sparkles like fireflies. The alchemy of life.

Then, the interaction of your knowing, your love, your alchemy makes you whole, makes you complete, makes you intelligent. So, the phases of knowing are both vertical and horizontal. They are in and out. And each one contributes with a specific colour, a specific depths, a specific frequencies, forming the palette of creation.

This is why children are so appealing, because they know, but they don’t know that they know. They are innocent. And they can access more bodies than we do. They can access past lives, they come with skills. As we get older, we close those frequencies, and become so narrow. We live in the parallel construction of our knowing. Mostly the mind. We are born with the whole scope. But we start favouring, rejecting. :No, I should not know my body.” Integration is the key. Integration happens only with the absence of personality.

The ego divides them and the personality acquires it. Ego divides the bands, the frequency. It doesn’t see the totality. Personality prefers one, adopts it and becomes that. Then we get stuck, because we relate and live only in that frequency. Mostly in the mind. Does this make sense?

Proximity with nature helps the real knowing, and proximity with the one that knows also helps. I often hear you say that when you get close to me, you had questions but then you become blank. Have you had that experience? It’s because you are abandoning your way of knowing with another kind of template that is more fresh. It’s like how newborns are hypnotizing: you don’t think anything around them, because they are blank, but full. So, relate, because you do have this inside you, the same frequency of nature when you walk in, in deep silence.

But everything is knowing there. All the secrets are pulsating.

Let’s close our eyes and sit comfortably