Restoring Vitality Through SHA


Prana and Energy

Life gives you two sources for renewal: Energy and Prana. These two forces interact to create the divine movement of life. They shape the spontaneous happening and wisdom that you embody, and they are the building blocks of manifestation.

The molecule of prana (or life force) is related to the air element. This partnership allows the animation of life, gives breath to life, and provides a sense of “terrenal” or earthly life.

Prana has different densities which offer corresponding perceptions. A breath that is shallow brings shallow perception. A breath that is deep brings purification. A breath that is calm and steady brings peace. A breath that is agitated and fast brings anxiety and anger. You can control the prana through your breath. The yogic science of breath, called Swara Yoga, provides different systems of breath control to induce certain states of consciousness.

Energy, on the other hand, is not related to breath, but rather to movement. Life gives life to itself by creating movement or friction through its diverse expressions. Energy is intrinsically active in all the cells of the body and in all bodily movements. When movement is enhanced, greater energy and revitalization ensues.

Authentic movement occurs through stillness, and not by personal will. Stillness allows for the perfect movement of the moment, the perfect unknowable direction and the perfect secret of unfolding.

Spontaneous Versus Controlled Movement

When personal will creates mental, physical or emotional movement, it depletes energy. When we allow spontaneous movement to happen to us at different speeds, we enhance the energy and we enhance life.

SHA and Movement

Discovering and practicing spontaneous movement unlocks the Energy of Life. Each person holds their own patterns of tension and contraction, as well as patterns for expansion. Each person moves energy in a certain matter and with certain interests.

By practicing SHA, we provide an opportunity for the liberation of Energy, allowing it to move through our system without the interference of our personal will. It is only then that a partnership can form through which energy can activate prana, providing for the renewal of the system and supporting longevity.


Energy can be induced through the art of letting go of your will in movement. Through different rocking motions, you redirect energy to certain parts of the structure, bringing nourishment and renewal. This enhances compassion and the quality of feminine energy. Rocking calms the mind and brings the earth bodies into a state of trance.


Shaking uncontrollably pumps the cells. Both cleansing and revitalizing, it is a masculine activation of life energy. As a work out for the tissues of the body, it helps the mind to release attachment, stagnation and dullness. When done in a safe environment, shaking the body for a period of time brings forward the old and energizes new possibilities. Shaking to the point of exhaustion offers a rebirth to the earth bodies, and is a step into the stillness of Energy.

In the process of shaking the body, different expressions can come forward:

  • Jumping : the desire to jump may arise if the energy is ready for a certain ascension towards the upper body
  • Sexual movements: these movements are related to the second chakra, which holds the energy of creation, the kundalini and the energy of regeneration.
  • Anger and other hidden feelings: these hidden or stagnant feelings may arise if you are in the process of cleansing. If they come up, relax, live them and allow.
  • Boldness: a certain sense of power, unapologetic energy or desire to take the space that you deserve
  • Sounds: you may see colours, encounter a change of taste in the mouth or have a desire to sing if the energy is strongly located in the upper chakras

Experiences Will Pass

SHA gives you permission to live through different experiences of energy. This allows you to naturally arrive to a state of clearer perception, stillness and equanimity. When all experiences disappear, you remain in the essence of your natural being. In this state, energy is there to serve, prana is there to be managed and where YOU lose the forceful self.

Arriving To Meditation

At this stage, meditation invites you to regain its pure energy, its pure prana and it pure essence. Here, your whole structure can align with the energy of earth, with the energy of infinity, with the perception that you, life, energy and prana are one.