SHAMANIC RETREAT Aug. 12 to 16 2021

Lake Thorn Lady Smith Quebec

Theme: Shamanic purification


Our Country Center

Imagine yourself for five days in front of the pure waters of a Canadian lake, gazing into the immensity of the stars and being nourished by the songs of loons, birds and silence. Our center had hosted retreats since 2013.

The teachings

The teachings are based on the vision of the shaman Matthew Cosgrove and the wisdom of Berdhanya. Each individual has a chance to come forward to be energetically observed and taught.

Body work with Ayurveda

We support your body with the ancient science and art of Ayurveda. Our Practitioner offers a variety of bodywork for you to enjoy during the retreat. Very popular. Reserve in advance.

Nature facilitates a deeper alignment with Self than anyone could ever do for you.


Place: 18 Cosgrove St. Lady Smith, at our exclusive Lake Thorn

Style: Camping on our grounds. Cost: $ 550.00 Cd. Include Camping in our center. Do not include meals. We supply the first-day meal. (Wed.) and the last day. ( Sunday Lunch) Price does not include Ayurvedic bodywork.

Pre-requisite: Practical awakening, 

A few spots left

Cost: 550.00 CD.
Day 1- Arrival and Set-up 4:00 pm                     Arrival at 18 Cosgrove. Lake Thorn. 5:00 pm                     Set up, registration and orientation 6:00 pm                     Thai vegetarian dinner supply by us. 7:00 pm                     Swimming follow by a Bonfire. Day 2: The form of the source 7:00 am                      The Sunlight yoga 9:00 am                     Breakfast 10:00 am                    Satsang/meditation with Berdhanya 11:00 am                  Shamanic group session with Matthew and Berdhanya 12:30 pm                  Lunch 11-15:00 pm             Ayurvedic treatments and seva 15-17:00 pm             Swim, contemplation and study groups. 6:00 pm                     Dinner 8:00 pm                      Bonfire on the tales of strength. 9:00 pm                    Rest Day 3 and 4: Facets of maturity of the Sunlight. 6:00 am                  Unification with Berdhanya and Matthew. 7:00 am                    The yoga of the sacred light, satsang and meditation with Berdhanya 9:00 am                      Breakfast 10:00 am                    Shamanic group sessions with Matthew and Berdhanya. 12:30 pm                   Lunch 1:00 to 3 pm              Ayurvedic treatments, core art and seva 3:00 to 6 pm              Hike and a period of silence 6:00 pm.                     Dinner 7 to 8:00 pm              Bonfire: My little parts play role. 9: pm                           Rest In day 4 we will be doing spirit loge. Day 5: The creation of the single field 6:00 am                    Unification 7:00 am                    The yoga of unification and light 9:00 am                    Breakfast 11:00 am                  Healing circle 1:00 pm                   Lunch 1 to 3:00 pm            Integration time. 3 pm                        End of the retreat
Ayurvedic Body Work
Our qualify ayurvedic practitioner will be offering the following ayurvedic bodywork: Adbhyanga massage: $ 85 one hour.-special price for retreat. Head massage, face massage: $ 45.00 You need to reserve in advance your treatments. Please contact Sebastian at for your bodywork.
We supply an outdoor kitchen to cook your food. ( bring your own food). Our kitchen has pans, dishes, soup, and clean water. Please contact us for details. Note that we supply the first and last meal of the retreat.
“J’ai eu le bonheur de participer à la retraite Sha  cet été, dans un lieu magnifique  en nature, au bord du lac. Ca été un moment riche de  partage humain de par la qualité de l’accompagnement humain et spirituel  de Bhunaneswari et Mathew. Être en retraite avec  eux ,c’est d’avoir l’occasion de s’amener plus  loin, Voir ce qui est là en  pleine conscience pour laisser émerger le Soi . De plus j’ai apprécié la simplicité du déroulement qui nous as permis aussi de s’amuser, et de nous détendre. Merci!“ Cristine

Over the years, the Sha retreat has become for me a merging encounter of inner and outer worlds. It is a journey, that allows me to sustain my relationship with the flow of life itself, reminding me that life is forever changing and alive within me on different levels; it is a knowing that I am the consciousness of life. I always leave with greater awareness and deeper gratitude. Isabela

“Extend my love and deep thanks to you both. You opening and sustaining this sacred land. The logistics were great, even with the rain and absence of the assigned cook. We all managed to pull it together. The process of fasting was very supportive for the body and mind as it prepared us well for the vision quest. Matthew and Berdhanya, I bow to you both, because as teachers, you have a beautiful complicity and I am infused not only by nature spirits but also with you. Your frequency, your presence and all the wisdom that you carry. With all humbleness, I thank you for the experience, as the experiencer is full. The Being, the Now Is. “ Karina

Location of the retreat.

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