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A Powerful Course in Self-Cultivation to Activate Self-Realization.


Imagine a course in self-transformation that frees you from unproductive thinking, from the commotions of your emotions and from the doubts that weaken your decision-making and your ability to know who you really are. Yes, this is possible!

All that you need is to make a sincere personal commitment and to be willing to learn new tools. The Practical Awakening Course has delivered tools for personal-education and well-being for over 25 years, across 3 continents. Year after year, it has shown consistently powerful results, including a higher quality of life and an effortless sense of well-being.

Designed by Berdhanya Swami Tierra, this course combines the ancient technology of yoga, breathwork, ayurveda, meditation, self-inquiry and mystical knowledge. No prior experience is required, and the course can be tailored to your personal needs, constitution and abilities. The course’s principles are not based in religion or dogma, but on simple methods to enhance your personal well-being.

Practical Awakening Course

It facilitates an effortless self-transformation that deepens your perception, bringing about a dimensional shift in the very way you look at your life, your work, and the world that you inhabit.

Different Ways You Can Take This Program

Self-Paced Online Version (By Download)

Learn in your own living room

This is not a government online course! It is interesting, interactive and simple.

Through a combination of videos, audio lectures, guided meditations and short reading, you can learn in your own time and space. Full program is around 12 hours.

After registration, we will send you your first lesson. We may take 3 business days.Expect some homework.
You let us know when you are ready for your next lesson.

We suggest completing each class in a week.

We also offer online support for questions and clarifications. You will need headphones, a safe space where you can do simple yoga exercises, meditate and lay down.

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Awakening Now

Cost $200.00 CD.

One-On-One Training with Berdhanya

Take your course private with Berdhanya

Course content is the same as in the online course; however, you will have a more personalized opportunity to understand your process in a consistent and coherent way.

The individual Practical Awakening Course with Berdhanya is available through Skype or in person in the Wakefield Center.

The course is available in English or Spanish.

Start by contacting Berdhanya at
Skype ID: Berdhanyasafe space where you can do simple yoga exercises, meditate and lay down.

Take your course individually with another teacher: $ 450.00 Please contact us.

Register for a Private
Course with Berdhanya

Cost $650.00 CD.

In A Group Setting

Uplift yourself in community

This modality can also be brought to your location (in person or online) through qualified teachers who can uplift your family, community or professional groups.

Online, interactive training is available via skype to any part of the world.

You will need to come to class in comfortable clothes, with no perfumes and a notebook and pen.
We offer this program in French and English.

Contact us to tailor your group course for your community.

Start by contacting Berdhanya at
Skype ID: Berdhanyasafe space where you can do simple yoga exercises, meditate and lay down.

Group classes

  • Ottawa, Canada
  • November 6 – Dec 11 from 7 – 8 pm

Location: Berdhanya Teaching Center 36 Simcoe St.

Teacher: Briya Freeman.

Uncoming Group Training in Ottawa


The cost for a group program
online or in person is
$ 275.00 CD. per person.

25 Years Providing Consistent Benefits

Physical Benefits:

  • Balance the bioenergetics dynamics in different organs of the body.
  • Releases accumulated toxins in the blood and tissues.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promote natural homeostasis
  • Reduces physical tension and hormonal imbalances
  • Promotes regular sleeping patterns and sound sleep

Mental Benefits

  • Unlocks your creativity
  • Promotes detachment and clarity of mind
  • Enhances brain function and neurological connections
  • Improves decision-making ability and the ability to manage difficult situations

Psychological Benefits

  • Reduces stress
  • Release deep rooted pain and trauma
  • Relieves depression and anxiety
  • Helps to break destructive patterns or habits
  • Supports a correct perception of reality

Relationship Benefits

  • Improves patience
  • Improves emotional intelligence and neutrality
  • Increase awareness on your needs and the environment
  • Increases self-confidence and self- esteem
  • More ease, joy and harmony in personal and work relationships

What People Are Saying


The chakra breathing sessions are very enlightening and cleansing. They’re amazing!
Just wanted to say thank you. I am thoroughly engaged and loving the experience.


T“Blessings to You, Berdhanya,
You are a true master—– “allowing”– the master in all of your students to shine through. It is an amazing experience to be part of,—- and to witness– others come into their fullness”


“I just wanted to thank you for the enlightening and energizing night of Unification.
Lovely space with amazing people.
Many thanks.”


Support Your Course With

Practical Awakening includes an introduction to ayurvedic lifestyle. The knowledge provided in this course can be deepened through personal experience.

We work with a qualified ayurvedic doctor as well as an ayurvedic therapist in Otttawa, who can design a personal wellness program to meet your unique needs. For more information on consultations, options of body work and complete purification programs, please see our wellness page.


The 40 Day Challenge, Keep The Light Going

Your bioenergetic field changes every 40 days. By maintaining this 30 minute practice for 40 days, you can potentially give birth to a new you.

Berdhanya encourages you to make the commitment to yourself and to join a global community that had proven the effectiveness of this program. Once you experience the effects of this practice, you may very well be inspired to keep it for the rest of your life!


Loved The Course?
What’s Next?

Practical Awakening serves as a prerequisite for further courses in self-cultivation. After completing this course, you will benefit from participating in a weekend silent retreat. You also have the option of participating in monthly empowerments, international journeys or regular one-on-one meetings with Berdhanya.

Be sure to stay connected through our mailing list. Your natural enthusiasm, inner commitment and curiosity will surely direct you to the right place.

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