The online training to raise awareness.

This self cultivation course Introduces you to a powerful self-technology to activate your self-realization and to balance your earth living.

It facilitates an effortless self-transformation that deepens your perception, bringing about a dimensional shift in the very way you look at your life, your work, and the world that you inhabit.

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Community practice in Ottawa

Community Practice In Ottawa

Community practice is a monthly event to support students who have completed the Practical Awakening Course. Students are invited to join us for this positive and uplifting evening, as we do this powerful transformative practice together.


Location: Berdhanya Teaching Center 36 Simcoe St.

Teacher: Anamda Sly


Monday, Feb 3
Monday, March 23
Monday, April 20
Monday, May 18
Monday, June 8
Where: 36 Simcoe St. Ottawa.
Cost: $ 20.00
Time 6 to 8 pm
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Got to the school

I am bliss out !

Thank you Berdhanya, I had try many meditations techniques, but never felt so bliss out ! I am exited to ” get into me” every day.

Looking forward to complete the 120 days and take the next step.

Thank you again for your support and amazing presence.


I am finally detached from my monkey mind.

Blessings to You, Berdhanya,

You are a true master—– “allowing”– the master in me to shine through. It is an amazing experience to be part of,—- and to witness– all parts of me come into their fullness. I am so grateful for a tool that put my mind at rest.


My Chakras are open a clean !

The chakra breathing sessions are very enlightening and cleansing. They’re amazing! I never had the chance to really, really feel them, now it is a true reality for me.

Just wanted to say thank you. I am thoroughly engaged and loving the experience.