Public Speaking : the alchemy of reality

Topic: The alchemy of Reality

Date: Saturday Nov. 16 from 6:30 pm to 8 pm

Where:Healing Connections Wellness Center

10548-115 St. Edmonton

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Register with Mark: (780) 298-5165 or Dr. Bronwen at (780) 860-7680.



Practical Awakening With Bronwen and Mark

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2020 Course:

Dates to be announced ( see also the online training)

at Revive Whole Body Health.

at  Revive Clinic. (#206-150 Bellerose Dr. St. Albert)

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This course is also available online.

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Intensive With Berdhanya and Matthew.

This empowerment reviews the foundations of human evolution in 3 different contexts:


A. The history of human DNA and your unique genetic imprint;

B.- Access to terrestrial information sources

C.- Extraterrestrial contributions.

This empowerment offers a realignment of our concept of time, an update to our belief systems and a technique to enhance and activate the highest reality that you’re able to embody at this moment in time.


Starts Friday Nov. 15 at 6 pm

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 from 9 to 3 pm.

Cost: $350.00

Pre-requiste: Practical Awakening (PA) and a DNA test.

Register with Mark: (780) 298-5165 or Dr. Bronwen at (780) 860-7680.


Private sessions

Berdhanya gives a powerful feedback about your perception of your reality. Deeply transformative and insightful.

Private sessions with Berdhanya: $108.00

Shamanic session with Matthew and Berdhanya

This session is a total overview of the causal of your reality and the location of your life.

One hour with Matthew and Berdhanya: $ 216.00


Register with Mark: (780) 298-5165 or Dr. Bronwen at (780) 860-7680.


Silent Retreat

April 3rd, 2020



The Power of Silence

A long time ago, before yoga, meditation and sacred technologies were
used in modern society for health and well-being, those seeking inner
liberation would go into the wildness and silence of nature to enquire
about who they were and what was the true nature of reality. The silent retreat has long been a platform for mystics, monks and yogis to find themselves and remains a powerful tool for the modern seeker.

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Silence Retreat:

April 3rd, 2020



  • Topic: From Head to Heart.
  • Dates: From Thursday,  from 6 pm to Sunday,  at 3 pm.
  • Pre-requisite: Practical Awakening. You can download this course or contact Mark Samuel at 780 860 7680 if you wish to receive this course in person.
  • Location: River Lodge Retreat Centre Vanescamp
  • Cost:  $ 395.00 for teachings and meals. Do not include accommodations.
  • Register today:  Bronwen Samuel <>
Details you want to know about the retreat
General agenda of the Retreat
This is a residential retreat. Meaning you are with Berdhanya and at the retreat center the full weekend.

Thursday evening 6 pm to 8 pm pm orientation, process and satsang.

Friday and Saturday

8:00 am breakfast

9:00 am to 12 pm am session

1:00 pm lunch

2:00 pm body work, or nap

2:30 pm seva 4:00 pm to 6 pm session

6:00 pm dinner

7:00 pm body work or free time

8:00 pm end of the day program


6:00 am Practice

8:00 am Breakfast

9:00 am to 12:00 pm session

12:00 pm end of the retreat

What to bring
  • Meditation kit (cushion, shawl,yoga mat and a large blanket). The retreat involves several sittings a day in meditation, so bring what you think you need to make you comfortable. If you are not used to sitting in meditation, seats are available.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Your water bottle. We have a beautiful and bountiful amount of spring water. We encourage you during the retreat to drink plenty of water.
Diet during the retreat
The diet on the retreat is directed to purification.

The diet of silence retreat follow the ayurvedic principals. Our diet focus in purification and simplicity.

We consider your own ayurvedic dosha for balance and rest of your digestive system.

During the retreat we will be doing a monodiet of kachari. Learn here what a monodiet is. If you have sensitivity to ghee, please let us know. Bring your own oil. We will supply 3 meals a day on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, one meal.

For your breakfast at home, we suggest you take some leftovers from us, or cook your own kicharee at home. Find the recipe here. Use the  week before the retreat to start eating light.

Post retreat care
The retreat finishes Sunday at 3 pm.

Please schedule time for you to rest in the containment of your own home. Avoid heavy food.

Support your Purification with Ayurveda

Practical Awakening includes an introduction to ayurveda, a holistic science of self-healing based in principles of diet, herbalism and lifestyle. Retreat participants will can deepen their understanding of ayurvedic lifestyle through personal experience in the retreat.

Berdhanya usually travels with a qualified ayurvedic practitioner who provides ayurvedic treatments (e.g. massage) and consultations. This will allow participants the opportunity to tailor their wellness program to their personal needs.


  • Ayurvedic Consultations are $100 cd. For one hour.
  • Abhyanga massage: $ 90.00 cd. Per one hour (60 euros)
  • 3 days purification with Ayurveda: $ 250.00 cd. This includes 3 days of body work and a guideline of Ayurveda purification.
  • The treatments and consultations can be done during the retreat/ course with limited space and prices are not included in the price of the course.

Sebastian Peralta:

Your ayurvedic practitioner


Credentials: Graduated from the  School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kannur India. ( ayurveda Massage and panchakarma therapy). Kundalini Yoga Teacher.Ayurveda teacher and children Yoga teacher. Sebastian is also the owner of the Ottawa SPA Viveda.

Specialization: Ayurveda treatments and Panchakarma ( purification). Ayurvedic herbs and spices.

Contact Sebastian at

“Retreats with Berdhanya have become a must for me. For the serious student of meditation and inner-peace a step outside the regular routine is an essential journey to take. The silence retreat is a delicious opportunity to spend in inner contemplation, physical rejuvenation and spiritual expansion. Thank you Berdhanya for the retreats, I look forward to the next one.”   Gurprasad

Social Media and Communication Consultant

A retreat is a chance to suspend the judgments of my mind, and to reset the senses form endless stimulation. During the compression of silence I learn to forgive the hash critiques of life, and I find life’s inner beauty. I can participate in life in a more authentic relaxed and loving way.” Shawn

What a pleasurable weekend ! I feel totally revitalized and refreshed after my short time here. Retreat can be a bit intimidating at times- leaving the comfort of home for a break in a total silence, knowing that I have to see parts of myself that I did not want to see…..but the serenity and rest are incomparable, better that the best of spas.” Maria

House wife

What is Seva?

I was really blessed to have teachers who taught me service as the first thing to learn. I didn’t know anything else. There was no yoga, time for myself, breath or comfort things; it was all about service. Keep reading

Listen: What silence retreat  do for you?

The role of silent retreat in the journey of the seeker.

In silence you are revelead

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