About Tina

Tina-Marie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013 and has been in practice since. Specializing in women’s health, Tina-Marie creates personalized nutrition and customized wellness plans that bring a healthy balance to one’s life in keeping with a holistic approach; the mind, body, spirit connection.

As a fashion marketing graduate Tina-Marie spent several years in the fashion industry before moving onto philanthropy work and the health industry.

In addition Tina-Marie has been a children’s yoga teacher since 2009 and a student of Berdhanya since 2008.
Tina is presently in maternity leave.

Tina took her time and really got involved in knowing and understanding all facets of my life, including work, family, stress, diet, and plans of having a baby. She took everything together, along with concerns I had about acne, pre and post partum, and made several recommendations which were very useful, and to this day, I am still living by. Her recommendations were clear, and she took the time to explain the HOW and WHY, which I found very useful so ultimately I was informed and was able to make a decision for myself and my family. I would recommend her work to anyone, as she is passionate and has an abundance of knowledge to share!


Through analysis of my eating habits, and my overall health, Tina was able to pinpoint a certain mold allergy I had to foods. Tina was relentless in connecting all the pieces of information I had provided to her, to ultimately be able to identify what types of food my body is incapable of tolerating. With this information, I am now able to live a better life, and avoid situations which would have otherwise made me very sick. I am grateful for all her help.


I first saw Tina for chronic heartburn as my main health concern. We spoke about my eating habits and digestion issues, which led her to have me track my eating habits for a week. Once that was done, we spoke about in depth about how to identify the underlying issue. Within the first week of following Tina’s recommendations, my heartburn stopped and did not come back throughout the full 3 week plan. I’m feeling so much better since. I now know that my heartburn issues were cause by particular foods I was eating and now I am finally free of the discomfort and disruption it caused me daily.


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