Beauty is a divine attribute of life.

My gift to you

Some masks are fun, others have become obsolete and need to go. This 4-lessons tutorial has been designed to allow you to explore this theme at your own pace and to bring you gradually deeper in the understanding and expression of your unique beauty.

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Isabela Blanchet

Location: 36 Simcoe St. Ottawa, Canada.

Language: English, French

Services:Shamanic body work, ayurvedic facials and purification of the senses, skin care and wellness products, training, counseling, and public speaking.

Credentials: Masters degree from the Bioenergetics Institute, Ottawa, Canada. Author of The Book of Beauty.

Specialization: Beauty and ayurvedic beauty products

With over 15 years of training in bioenergy and exploring the mystery of what constitutes beauty, Isabela dedicates every effort to making skin care products with pure and organic ingredients, offering bioenergetic spa services and courses filled with time-tested knowledge and techniques adapted to today’s needs. Her products and treatments delight the nose, the skin and the soul. Her teachings focus on the unique beauty that rests in each student to restore vitality, radiance and balance.


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