Retreat in Cuba

 Feb. 9th to the  18 2018

The Immeasurable Reality of the Sun.

The immeasurable Reality of the Sun

The sun is the masculine principle of creation. Its emanation brings photons of truth, life and renovation. Truth is an immeasurable reality not at all separate from your own being; in the revelation of truth, all beings rest within your being.

The paradoxical nature and immeasurable reality of the light (and of truth) puts your entire system before an ever changing immensity.
How do you assimilate the changes, the light and the truth in different times frames and in your multi-dimensional self? What do you understand as light? And, how do you apply this to your own personal journey? These will be the topics of contemplation in this retreat.

This journey is facilitated by Berdhanya Swami Tierra and supported by Matthew Cosgrove and Sebastian Peralta.


Dates: Feb 9 to 18 2018

Place: Hotel Trip Cayo Coco Cuba.( all inclusive hotel)

Please contact Briya for more details and updates .



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Price for Berdhanya Teachings.

Canada and USA residents: $ 1.200 Cd.

Price for residents in Latinamerica $ 1000.00

Prices do not include flight or accommodations.

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