7 -Day Purification with Ayurveda


For over 4000 years Ayurveda had contribute to holistic health with a complete science of purification. Taking in consideration your body constitution, your age, your lifestyle and your capabilities; this elegant way of purification lead your body and mind to profound and lasting results of well being.

We offer this program in the spring and fall, when nature indicate renewal. Ayurveda embrace you with a sophisticated art of purification call panchakarma, a cleansing process that releases accumulated toxins and stress from the mind-body system. You will receive daily panchakarma therapies and massage treatments tailored to your unique mind-body constitution. Your ayurvedic practitioner will select specific medicated oils and natural herbs to purify and nurture you at the deepest cellular level.

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Seven-Day Purification with Panchakarma

This cleanse involves three distinct phases: 1) preparation 2) active cleansing, and 3) re-introduction which are then followed by a period of rejuvenation. This structure helps to ease the body both into and out of the cleanse and offers deep nourishment to the tissues afterwards. Therefore, this cleanse has the capacity to initiate a deeper level of detoxification.

On the surface, panchakarma looks very similar to other ayurvedic shorter cleanses. However, there is one very significant difference, and that is that panchakarma reverses the flow of nutrition in the body. Normally, nutrition flows from the digestive tract into the bloodstream, and from there, into the tissues. During PK, we intentionally smother the digestive fire and reverse the direction of that flow, allowing toxins and impurities to move from the deep tissues into the bloodstream and back to the digestive tract where they can more easily eliminated. While this occurs in other Ayurvedic cleanses on a superficial level, PK intensifies the process in order to cleanse impurities from the very deepest layers of the body. This is why panchakarma is such a potent cleanse. However, this disruption to the flow of nutrients in the body necessitates a great deal of care after PK is completed in order to return things to normal.

Panchakarma can be done at home, in a residential or retreat setting or somewhere in between. Typically, the less that is required of the participant, the deeper the detox will be. This being the case, a residential program is ideal if it is available to you. However, a home panchakarma, or a combination of home and professional treatments, can be very successful and satisfying as well. Panchakarma should always be done under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

Your ayurvedic practitioner will suggest to you the most indicated body work, herbs and diet.

Consider this approach if:

  • You are motivated to commit to a longer, more involved cleanse in order to experience deeper benefits
  • You are capable of maintaining a disciplined diet and schedule for the length of your cleanse
  • You are willing to dedicate at least some time off to your cleansing process, in particular, to the active cleansing phase
  • You are new to cleansing but are highly motivated and feel you have the self-discipline to start with a more involved cleanse
  • You want to get the most out of an at-home detox program and are ready to do whatever it takes to support your body through the process
  • You feel excited about making a deep commitment to yourself, your body and to the process of cleansing; cleansing is a high priority for you right now

Contraindications for panchakarma:

  • You are pregnant, breastfeeding, or menstruating
  • You are under the age of eight
  • You are very elderly
  • You are at all weak, debilitated or in the process of convalescing
  • You suffer from chronic consumption
  • You have heart disease with complications
  • You have a severe bleeding disorder
  • You are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy (although you are welcome to discuss when panchakarma would be appropriate with a qualified Ayurvedic physician)
  • You do not have a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner or panchakarma center to guide you


7 day Purification program includes:


  • A 1 hour Ayurvedic assessment with Ayurvedic practitioner Sebastian Peralta.
  • 7 daily one hour ayurvedic treatments. Massages are done with medicated organic oils.
  • Cost: ( $600.00)

Panchakarma with 2 hours treatments: $1.150.00. Includes Consultation with our practitioner.

Complement your program with this options. ( no included int he price.)

  • One consultation with our Ayurvedic Dr. Recommended if you have health issues.
  • One hour session of yoga and meditation for your body type with Isabella Blanchet.( Optional)
  • One rejuvenation kit (Basmati rice, mug dhal, 50 grams spices for your body type, 50 grams organic ghee)

We encourage your give yourself opportunities of purification with periods of silence, meditation, guided journaling, and inner reflection.

This program takes place in nature in a group setting or in a non-residential way.

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Panchakarma : One hour treatments $ 600.00

Include assessment.

Panchakarma with 2 hours treatments: $ 1.150

Price do not include herbs

please contact our practitioner

Planning your Panchakarma

Planning your Panchakarma

For a short cleanse or a week of panchakarma you are requested to respect your body by giving it time and certain considerations. The more completely you can clear your schedule for the cleanse, the better. More importantly, pick a time when you can minimize your...

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