The Forces of Reconciliation


We usually see reconciliation as two parts negotiating for a middle grown. This dual approach prevents us from observing the real meaning of the power of reconciliation. The reconciliation with the attributes of the source allows the seeker to gain a specific magnetism for transmutation of people and places. This intensive will be focusing on the infusion of these attributes into certain categories of our life and the environment. We are choosing the northern part of Colombia as a place of rest and practice of the teaching.

Location: Cartagena de Indias.

The place to stay: Hotel Caribe. The oldest hotel in the city. Please contact Radha ASAP to be part of the group hotel deal.

Area of exploration: History of Cartagena.

Cost: $ 1000.00 ( for Berdhanya Teachings Only)

Where we are going?

We are going to the historical city of Cartagena Colombia. Declare by Unesco as a jewel of the world, this city it is rich in history and tourism.


Feb 12 Landing in Cartagena Colombia, we will be spending the night in this colonial city. Please reserve your landing no later than 4 pm.

Feb. 13 to 21 Teachings

22 Travelling back home.


Berdhanya teachings are 1000.00 Cd.

This price does not include accommodations or excursions.