Revelations 5 hours audio course

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5 Hours audio course to construct the matrix of revelations or inner knowing.

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 This 5-week course introduces the Organ of Revelation as a way of learning and navigating in the new earth. It makes clear distinctions between thoughts process, analysis and revelations. Revelations are the result of a mature mind where time and space reveals direction, meaning and knowledge in the present moment. This course prepares the student’s awareness to relate to revelations with confidence and clarity. Each class builds up energetic stamina and awareness about the ramifications of revelations in our daily life. Our introspection is deeply supported by the understanding and management of revelations.

Each class contains a meditation, knowledge and comments from the members of the Council of the Keepers of Wisdom of Earth. The Council of Revelations supports this course.


Class 1: Construction of the Organ of Revelation – 2 parts audio

Class 2: Meeting the Council of Revelation – 2 parts audio

Class 3: Meeting the Golden Sun – 2 parts audio

Class 4: Revelations and Thinking – 3 parts audio

Class 5: Consolidation of the Organ of Revelation – 2 parts audio

“I am not sure if it is because I am the last in the group to receive the meditations, or if it’s because of all the work I have been doing with you, but every meditation in this class seemed very natural to me, like you were just explaining and heightening something I am already living. It didn’t really feel like a stretch to my structure but during the meditations, it just felt very natural and gentle, intuitive and already known somehow, like you were just acknowledging and putting words on what I am already feeling, and then heightening/expanding it through the work of the group dynamic.

It felt like my structure is finally at rest within something I have known all along… re-assurance… home…



“By taking this course I was able to leave behind my own individual consciousness and consciousness of “I” and merge with the group consciousness and consciousness of “We”. I was able to completely let go and recognized beauty, richness, power and the advantage of it, and at the same be fully aware of my individual position and responsibility.”

2 reviews for Revelations 5 hours audio course

  1. 5 out of 5


    Through the process of this class, I have learned some important knowledge about the context of revelations and their relationship to my everyday life and evolution. The unique perspective from which these teachings flow, were a joy to receive and were absolutely mind blowing. The impact was far reaching, and even weeks after the course finished, I felt like I was still integrating this profound knowledge into my being, on every level.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This course has introduced to me the possibilities of immaculate conception, the creation of form through a channel where we invite the possibility and the possibility invites itself. The form is revealed from one moment to the next, naturally unfolding paradoxically with and without design. The activation of my own channel of revelations through this course has opened my ability to access and receive visions and knowledge perfectly designed to assist me in aligning myself with the movements of creation.

    My understanding of the material covered in this course deepened during the Colombian Retreat. By simply meditating while connecting to the channel created by this course, I have received a preview to each day’s teachings uniquely designed to how I understand and interact with the world. I have found myself knowing exactly what was about to be taught and armed with a knowledge that augments the material presented in class. As if I were a university student who comes to class with all the suggested readings complete, I have an understanding of the material in advance and wait to deepen this understanding through the grace of the teacher’s wisdom.

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