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From restoration to regeneration, emerald sound-light, constellation kite, devotion and new born. Surrender and inner regeneration

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11 Hour Audio Course to Reclaim the Power of Regeneration

New life can only be brought to our energetic matrix once we have restored our body from the consequences of duality.

In the dual state, our energetic body is fragmented in time and space, losing energy and capability for deep perception. Once we have healed our dual perception, a natural process of restoration happens on all levels of our being.

Regeneration is the natural step that follows restoration. This process is unique to each individual in terms of sequence and manifestations; however, the common aspect is the contribution made by the green sound-light, a specific energy which offers a divine resonance with the kingdom of Emeralds and the planet of the Madeleines in the Constellation Kite.

In this course, your relationship with your regeneration is put on trial: why we do not regenerate, and what will happen if we accept regeneration as part of human development? These questions are considered and experienced first-hand, in order to truly reveal the potentiality of the heart. Our spirit bodies (the body of truth, freedom and illumination) can only offer us the summit of their restoration process to a bigger form, to the cosmic form, to our source. Regeneration goes down to the deepest depths of the inner-most soul, transforming the thoughts, emotions and will of the whole inward man.

During the first semester of studies in 2016, Berdhanya opened the space to point the way toward the true meaning of spiritual regeneration. Each class offers a healing towards our own source, toward our emerald essence and toward the mystic understanding of regeneration.

Course Contents

This course has 6 audio classes with the Council of Earth and five 1 hour meditations/satsang. These 11 hours of teachings offer a full understanding of the process of regeneration through all 11 bodies of the energetic structure of being.

Class 1: First Contact with the Emerald Pyramid and the Eternal Life

Class 2: On Time and Regeneration

Class 3: On the Purification of our Actions

Class 4: Metamorphosis of the Marma Points

Class 5: Recovering the Power of Regeneration

Class 6: Recovering the Channel of the Madeleines: the 3 Regenerative Sound-lights and the Science of Regeneration

  • Meditation # 301; On the Resonance of Essence. Please do this meditation between class 1 and 2.
  • Meditation #302:. On the Altitude of Perception. Please do this meditation between class 2 and 3.
  • Meditation #303: On Dealing with Inner Mastery
  • Meditation #304: On the Hexagon of Life. Practice this meditation between class 4 and 5.
  • Meditation #380 : The Journey of Compassion. Please do this meditation between class 5 and 6.






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