Planetary and Cultural Personalities

The planetary personality

You need a physical form when you decide to incarnate on Earth. That physical form is given to you for a period of time to complete your destiny, to fulfill your sacred contracts with others, and to give to Earth your gifts. The process of dissension into Earth requires many steps, and one of them is to borrow molecules from the elements and encode them into matter.

Your physical body is composed of the 5 elements: earth, water, air, ether (space), and fire. Each of these elements belongs to a kingdom. For example, we borrow from the Sun, and the being of the Sun is the element of fire, a tiny particle that gives our physical body the flavor of that particular realm. We enrich that connection with the Sun as we live the element of fire in our daily life; in a way, transmitting our experiences to that realm. They learn from our life and we benefit by their input. As long as we remain in the physical body, we are bound to respect and honor this contract with the realm of the elements.  We play with them, and they give us their life force for our life in a physical form. At the moment of our physical death, we are requested to return back these molecules to the different kingdoms. We return to the ocean, we return to the atmosphere, we return to Earth, we return to the Sun, and we return to the emptiness of the cosmos.

The planetary personality is the one bonded to the play of the 5 elements. It is common to all inhabitants of Earth and to all elements of the physical universe.  The ancient science of ayurveda describes these interactions by denominating 3 types of body constitutions call doshas. Vatta (air and ether), Pitta (fire and air), and Kapha (water and earth). Each dosha supplies a physical shape, a template for us to understand and perform our reality; it also gives us our psychological tendencies and our personality.

The planetary personality is in constant flux, since all the elements are in constant play. However, we can get attached to them by thinking that we ARE them. I often hear the elements speaking when a person comes to me and mentions with great enthusiasm a new project in their life. They are full of joy, hope, vision, action and motivation. Clearly the element of fire is at play by giving us the inspiration and the illumination to play out their requests. If we follow and repeat them in the unawareness that they are not us, we are being bound by having a strong identification with them.

The planetary personality has a powerful influence over us, and the moment we break any identification with them, as well as ceasing to play our part of the contract in living and balancing them, our physical bodies acquire an inner tranquility and stability.

As a seeker I witness the process of physical joy and stillness after doing retreats or panchakarma (purification practices). The elements are grateful and give their wisdom, their sacredness, and their life force.

The role of the persona is to let the elements be, to know their needs, and to supply to them what they request. Like a mother that looks after their children, she knows what each child requests and needs are,  she knows each is different, and supplies different tools to each child for them to understand reality and to evolve.

The elements are sacred, and give us the wisdom that our body is a sacred temple where Life inhabits.

We need to detach from their influences by not identifying with them. Here are examples of the elements and their psychological influences.

Here are a few attributes that make Pitta dosha people one of a kind:

Strong sense of discernment
Ability to focus on single objectives at hand
Organizers and great planners
Perform well under pressure
Speech is clear and articulate
Natural leaders
Geared for success as well as high achievers
Willful, determined ,and ambitious

Now, if the dosha of fire is not well attended, if you abuse it and do not understand the needs of the kingdom of the Sun, you get out of balance; you will then observe:

Overly intense
Controlling of others
Suppressive of emotions
Egotistical: enjoy power trips
Loud and aggressive
Tendency to erupt with anger

The mental imbalance relating to Pitta is burning out. They overextend in their potentials and they root their relation to life in anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, obsessive-type behavior, and deep-seated emotional problems.

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Can you play them out and not think they are you? Can you animate their powers without judging them? Once you do that you are on a way to honor your planetary personality and to envision the real you, gifted by having this intimate relationship with the vastness of multiple realms.

The cultural personality

Cultural personality relates to the social and cultural codes given to you by family, society, religion, and politics. You are born in a certain race, in a certain country, in a certain social class, and in a certain believe system about who you are in relation to your particular community.

From the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and with the language you speak, you create a persona that follows codes, manners, and personal interactions. You measure your goodness or badness according to how well you follow cultural standards, and you overvalue how you are represented in your culture.

I illustrated this in one of my classes by dressing like as a Muslim. I wore the hijab as a form of confronting my student’s cultural belief system about cultural personality. Some of the student’s reactions were fear, apprehension, curiosity, defense, discredit and other positions that create divisions and the abolition of Oneness.

Life loves diversity, and it is represented in all the flavors of culture. Interactions between cultures supply to us the different energetic codes that enrich our own energetic templates. It fulfills a vast perspective of life and gives us a reflection to parts of us experiencing different realities.

The contact and exchange of cultural personalities enrich us, expand us, and complete us. If we take a position in front of our own cultural personality, either by defending it or believing that it is our real life, we are only creating power struggles, division, and attachment to a personality that is narrow minded.

As I travel the world I see that the cultural personality is a strong pull that tends to define who we are and our sense of success and happiness. If we please the standards of our community, family, and society then we are a good person. If we “violate” their believe system we are challenged by the fear and guilt of being outcast.

The consequences in our mind to break the cultural personality and become an individual can be disorienting as well as empowering. I, myself, went through the detachment of cultural personality in my early twenties. I “belonged” to a high Latin-American social class. Their expectation at that time was that a woman my age should contribute to the maintenance of the social class by studying, marring a person from the same status (or higher), and perform certain social codes. I was in front of my real person, which at the time had a strong impulse towards the arts and exploration of the self. Both topics were not really qualified as useful by my community. At one point I had to decide to whom to obey and surrender, and I needed to take action to locate myself in the path that served my real Life. Yes, I did loose family support and gained their silence for a few years. However, ironically I got their respect and I gained the activation of my destiny as a spiritual teacher.  I proved to my self that each step I was taking was expanding me, was putting me in total synchronicity, and alignment to Life.

When we drop the cultural personality, we gain the world. We belong to a bigger picture. We expand our horizons, and the diversity of Life’s expressions feed us.

When we attach to cultural personality we become dogmatic, defensive, and bound to other’s opinions and belief systems.

I often encourage young people to travel the world, to be exposed to different cultures, to learn from them, and to incorporate in their daily life some of their wisdom. Can be a dish, music, or a way of dressing. It is an exercise that enables you to realize that you are part of them and that they are part of you. Your energetic structure will be enriched, flexible, and with more resources for you to play.

Our cultural personality is rooted in the original energies of Earth. It is actually Her and Her life force that impacts our flesh. It is Earth and Her resonance that allows all Her creatures to grow and interact. Each direction, North, South, East, or West offer us a flavor. The sea, the mountains, and prairies also impact us with certain colour. We become the vibration of the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the land we rest upon. The vibration of Life inhabits and gives us a shape of expression—this, Our greater cultural personality: our Earth culture.

Let us become citizens of the world, put at ease our own personal cultural belief systems, and allow our sense of compassion and belonging to come forward.

Your calendar of transmutation

Our vessel or physical body is a highly sophisticated recorder. Once you are in the womb you record the subconscious of your mother, and in the instant you are out of the womb you received an astral impression. Planets from near and far away are say hello to you and to your potentials; they so generously give you a series of codes for you to play out certain qualities in the natural persona.

You do have astrological influences during your life; many western and eastern astrology systems give a whole understanding of life cycles and personal tendencies.

In the moment you understand your point of transmutation, or your total sovereignty over you personal trance, these influences become less and less. You vibrate your consciousness in a wider and expansive way, allowing you to remove yourself from the flow of the astral current.

Here some general examples of transmutation points for persons born in various month of the year:

Persons born in January: This natural leader may encounter in their life a tendency to override the flow of life. Their strong points of view, as well as their visionary tendencies, are there to stimulate the transmutation of, “I am a partner of life. I co-create with life and this is not a threat to my individuality.” Cultivating humility and surrender to the flow of the heart is advisable for these individuals.

Persons born in February: The tendencies for these individuals to either have aversion or attachment to community integration make them seek “the perfect community to activate their sense of belonging.” Of course, that is not going to happen. Since, each community is formed by a variety of personalities and specific interactions. Their transmutation point is to see that their need for connect-ability is futile. They are already connected to the spirit, which their personal capabilities, when put at service, make them helpful and obedient to the natural flow of life.

Persons born in March: The transmutation point for these individuals is to align their personal will with the natural will of life. No exclusions, no prejudices, and no negativity. Transmuting false positivisms, in facts, idealism, in inspiration, and mind worries into prayers is a powerful point of transmutation for these individuals.

Persons born in April: When these individuals transmute their tendencies of polarity they arrive to a point of integration between the forces of Earth and Sky. The awakening of the heart as a point of gravity turns these individuals into inspirations of justice, compassion, and brotherhood. The divine marriage of the forces of masculine and feminine merge at the transmutation point for these individuals to serve humanity as stabilizers and visionaries of what is real, factual, and beneficial for all.

Persons born in May: The transmutation point for these individuals is to transform vanity into elevated speech. It is for them to accept their own place in the world, which may be very different than the view of social standards. These individuals serve the flow of life by opening their true voice and making that action a true honor of their existence.

Persons born in June: These individuals are to realize they are a strong gravitational point between humans and angels. Their transmutation point is to forgive their humanness (which they usually put down and try to destroy with destructive behaviors). It is for them to realize that they partner up with the divine flow when they establish themselves in the pure projection of the supra-astral body. “Purity, justice, and protection” are the key words for these individuals.

Persons born in July: The transmutation point for these individuals is mercy. They can be harsh in themselves or they can represent the pure force of Earth’s nourishment. Wisdom, embodiment of compassion, inspiration, and hope are attributes of these people. When fully transmuted these individuals become ambassadors of Earth beings and Earth wisdom.

Persons born in August: People born in this month need to transmute fear into courage, domination into self-initiation, pride into healing and vagueness into consistent energy.

Persons born in September: The alignment of these individuals with the transmutation point is to establish themselves in the calmness of the spirit. They serve humanity by displaying and honoring the subtle energies of the spirit within. They are able to receive from the sky beings the knowledge, wisdom and prophecies for humanity. They are natural voices of inspiration when they transmute their insecurities, naivetés and restlessness.

Persons born in October: These individual transmute the raw energies of second chakra. They are fire keepers and defenders of the spirit. They encounter transmutation when they stop taking personal the defeat of their high expectations. The will of the divine is enough. They don’t need to play good to have their sense of power validated.

Persons born in November: Transmuting the need to command, control, and be right and superior makes these individuals an example of surrender and true embodiment of power. They can acquire diversity, compassion, and flexibility by positioning themselves in communities that allow them a position that requires originality and display of status.

Persons born in December: These individuals are to transmute insecurities and fear into creativity, into self-nourishment, and into the surrendering of self-commitment.

Regardless of the month you are born and the tendencies you have, you are requested to transcend the influences of guilt, duality and fear. You are being asked to follow the contract you made before you were born, to repay any thieving you have done, and to complete anything you start. You are requested to transmute any illusions given by any personalities into the “I am creating my destiny, my life and the life of this planet”. You are asked in transmutation to fully understand that YOU and only you create the pulsation of the universe by CHOOSING to vibrate your structure of being with unique frequency.

Transmuting your personalities make you free, make you playful, whether you consciously choose to or not play the drama of life. You as a creator are given all the tools, the resources, help, and the inspiration to complete your full realization.

You as a creator of life you are given the right to offer your input, which only can be seen when you vibrate in your natural self. When you act from a place of passion instead of fear, from a place of surrender instead of control, and from a place of gratitude toward your own naturalness; you are partnering up with true Life.

In the moment you kill all your personas, all their experiences and all their stories, you are naked in front of your Being. Your will, for the first time, has a taste of life, a taste of your true naturalness. All the trances that each persona gives you, it overwhelms the perception, the clarity, and the simplicity of being you.

The space that is created by dropping all your personas is the space where your life will inhabit. That is the space that always IS, that were, and that will be; it is the one with no beginning and no end.

Ego, personality and the physiology of personalities

Personality is a spiritual test. It is a gate towards the unimaginable play of alchemy. Ego, personality and alchemy flow with different frequencies in the second chakra.

The denser part is the ego; or the one seeking to gain. That personal interest uses the personas for its own interest. The ego is located in the left side of the second chakra, personality in the center of the chakra and alchemy in the right side of the chakra.

For example, the ego may need and want to gain appraisal and recognition. In order to get it, it will utilize certain personas to fulfill his/her false needs. I see often people playing the victim in order to received compassion or love. I see the tyrant wanting to control in order to get sense of self.

The frequency you choose to play determines the health and full development of the second chakra. Ego playing the denser frequency is bound to see reality from a superficial reality. It will engage in control, power struggles, defense, oppression, and selfishness.

The personality will take a position in front of life and can have a certain meaning and purpose. Personality either serves the interest of the ego or serves the refinement flow of alchemy. Alchemy on another hand gives the expansiveness and accessibility to the world of vibration. The magnitude of the vibration of alchemy is able to contain all that exists, including the tiny ego and the purpose of the personality.

Ego relates to the conscious self or Earth bodies (etheric, emotional, and mind), the personality relates to the unconscious or the soul bodies (supra-astral body, light body, celestial body and consecration body.) Alchemy relates to the unconscious (the body of truth, the body of freedom, the body of illumination and the body of fusion).

Passing through the frequencies of personalities is to pass through our subconscious make up. It is the subtle, however, always active in guiding and manifesting our destiny and our life manifestations.

Coming back to Life.

To come back to your Oneness you need to see the personas and mostly you need to see “The Attacher” or the part of you that makes associations with each persona. You can be working for years to mold and mature each persona; however, no progress is done if you continue your attachment to them. The Attacher gives us an unconscious agility to play our personas at our convenience. We use our personas as a resistance, as avoidance, and as dilution of the authentic self.  The Attacher crows us with possible links that have no end.

All personas are meant to be dropped, to be only for service, and to delink from their experiences. When we realize that our bodies are empty vessels for life expression, we are in touch to a beautiful sensibility, we realize our body is impressible by life. We reflect, like the moon, the diversity of Life, and by allowing that we become a real partner of Her, a real representative of Her, a real and authentic natural self.

The more shading of personas, the less involvement and importance you put in them, then the more free we are, the more space life has to inhabit us, and to work though us the magnificent display of what She is. It is in the stillness, innocence, and hollowness that we become ultimately independent from the influences of personas. We can associate with any of them. However, they are not powerful forces that guide our actions and mind. They are just puppets to be played with at certain times. When the game is finished we come back to that place of total aloneness, total stillness, total receptivity ,and total gratitude for the life we are experiencing.

Each experience given by the personas is in the way to realize you are beyond experiences, beyond understanding, and beyond time. Personas have history, have a lot to tell, and a lot to show. Natural being, however, is simple, is still, and simply IS, with no definition and no correlation to anything you think you are or know.

Eliminating the personas, the “Attacher” and the imagined need to play a great role in life is the only step to be taken to vibrate in the essence and presence of the undefined.

Coming into life only happens in the now, in the non-linear time, and in the solitude of our meditation. Reaffirming Life every day gives Her a chance to step by step take more space in our cells, in our speech and in our actions. A daily practice points you toward the real persona and calls Life to embody you. Relaxation from personas, is acceptance of them, is gratitude of them, and is honoring them.

Coming back to Life is supreme act of Love, the supreme realization, and the fulfillment of your entire universe. Every time you let go of a persona you gain a piece of existence, every step you take toward Her, she takes two steps towards you. You are always supported, nourished, and loved by Life. Life is mother, is agriculture, is Earth, is nourishment. Life welcomes all of you because She is All of you.