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Sutra: The 3 types of emptiness

The notion of “I”, you, space and time given by the mind has the effect of creating form and planetary existence (earth bodies) The form in a restless state seeks experiences. When the senses engage in the experience, form is established and the wheels (chakras) are...

Sutra: The 4 stages of the seeker in relation to existance

The seeker has 4 consecutive stages in existence: The state of living in the world of the source (transformation); The state of being near the qualities of the source (transmutation); The state of assuming the form of the source (transfiguration); and, The state of...

Sutra: The Unreality of Form

The subtle sound vibration constitutes space and the subtle touch vibration constitutes air. Their friction causes heat and gives rise to the fire element. When the fire subsides, there is water. When all these elements get together, they give rise to earth. The...




  1. The altitude of perception
  2. The resonance of Essence
  3. Initiating the central channel into mastery.
  4. The journey of Compassion
  5. Attitude and inner essence

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A Trinity of Essential oils for a Balanced Winter

Do you want to boycott the cold and humidity that make you feel tight and withdrawn? Call on black pepper, jasmine and pink grapefruit essential oils in sesame oil with a touch of vitamin E oil for a savvy solution. This trio will perk Lady Kapha and Dame Vata like no...

Yoga Considerations in Vata Season

A yoga practice for a vata individual should be one creating warmth, serenity and nourishment. Vatas can cultivate this by following some basic guidelines: Practice at a slow, smooth and steady pace. Explore fluidity in your poses. Use gentle movements such as spinal...

5 Restorative Tips to do after an ayurvedic Cleanse

While seasonal cleansing is important for balance and sifting from one season to another, what we do after a cleanse is equally, or more, important. Obviously, common sense tells us that after completing a cleanse, jumping into a diet full of chocolate chip cookies,...