Spiritual teachers often suggest silent retreats as a way to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Guided silent retreats are recharging, relaxing and life transforming.

Our daily life takes energy from us, our senses are in contact with many stimuli and our minds are requested to make decisions – to process information and to respond to our environment. Our daily routine needs to be balanced with time off. We dream of a holiday away from our routine; however, we often return from holidays more tired and depleted due to all the hectic changes.

In silent retreats we are requested to truly rest, to truly give our senses a break for the mind and the body. Our activities are minimum, our vegetarian food is selected for detoxification and the meditation with Berdhanya gives inspiration and regeneration to the mind and spirit.

Silent retreats with Berdhanya are often facilitated in the beautiful hills of Wakefield, Quebec. The purity and striking beauty of this part of the planet offers the perfect support for silent retreats.

In silent retreats, it is guaranteed that our stresses will be washed away and our vitality increased. Berdhanya suggests silent retreats three to four times a year. “It is good to combine silent retreats with the changes of seasons because this puts our biorhythms in balance with nature and with the demands of the seasonal changes.”

Silence retreats are suitable for everyone. However, Berdhanya suggests, in order to have a solid foundation, that you first complete the preliminary course called “Practical Awakening”. If you are looking to regenerate your health or to have inner connection, silence is the way. A silent retreat can definitely be a very life changing experience. It will give you the boost that is needed for rejuvenation. Most importantly, the inner sanctuary of thoughts can be found and this will help in viewing your real life decisions with a less cluttered view and with a fresh vision.

Berdhanya has provided silent retreats since 1989 in different parts of the world. Silence is the core of her basic teachings and it is encouraged to enjoy inner peace, to have self-understanding and to have a balanced life.

You don’t need to be a yogi to participate in Berdhanya’s silent retreats; however, it is helpful for you to sincerely see the silence retreat as a place of inner connection, rejuvenation and as a life changing experience.

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