Over expressing or repressing spoils our creative communication

In the process of communicating with our creativity we have the tendency to lose our centre, either by over expressing or by repressing. This is a phenomenon that needs to be understood in order to educate the solidity of our centre and the maturity of our creative communication. It all starts with our moods. We typically do not relate to them as something that will pass. We tend to react immediately, or to withdraw. We do not grant our moods the chance to mature: firstly by not identifying with them, and secondly by bringing them to a centre of neutrality.

Others are our centres

Let’s recall the moments where you felt angry or hurt: we make another person responsible for that. Somebody disagrees with us or says something ungraceful to us, so we react. At that moment we make the other person our centre and we therefore lose our centre. The choice of expressing our feelings or repressing them does not help to recover our centre, because the other person will still be at the base of our feelings.

So what is important is to not place the emphasis neither on the expression nor on the suppression. The emphasis rather is on knowing from where this anger or hurt arises. Anger has arisen in me; ordinarily I can do two things: either I express it to someone or I repress it. In either case, I am more concerned with the other person and with the energy of anger that has come to the surface–rather than the source.

Using the feelings to go to the source

We need to educate ourselves to remove ourselves from the periphery of these feelings. Look at the energy of anger arising and move deep down to find the source within yourself, where is it coming from? The moment you find the source, remain centred in it.

We can use any emotion to find the centre. The whole exercise is not to do anything with the feeling itself, otherwise you get lost in the ride of your own moods and /or the reactions of others.

Energy is neutral

Understand that by expressing it, you can get a release, but you won’t change your perception and by repressing it you will be postponing that expression for another day or another form. Neither choice will change the centre of perception.

All we need to remember is that energy is neither anger, nor love, nor hate. Those feelings will pass. Energy is simple, energy is neutral. The same energy becomes anger, becomes sex, becomes love. Your mind gives the form, and the energy moves into it.

That is why when you are in love it is harder to be angry, or when you are experiencing sexual satisfaction your chances of being violent are minimized. The energy is invested in specific feelings or situations.

Discern your choices wisely, move deeper within yourself, and see the source from where those feelings are arising. Only then, can you remain neutral, untouchable and removed from the storms of your moods and that of others.