The complicity of the heart with all human beings is expressed by a collective link. All humanity shares the same heart, the same need to be loved, to be recognized and to be useful. This link is also attached to the heart of the Earth that communicates her journey toward wholeness and enlightenment with all human beings. This link is never broken; however, it is purified by abandoning our concepts, values and attachments.

We are all in the same boat; we all contribute to a large, massive pulsation of the wellness of the individual and the collective heart. The health of the mystic heart is based on the satisfaction you have to love and respect yourself, to love and respect others and to make your gifts useful to the collective. Your enthusiasm, your fearlessness and your maturity of perception are significant qualities to impact the whole in a positive way.

The complicity of humanity to facilitate healing for each other is the very dynamic of the 4 soul bodies (supra-astral body, light-body, celestial body and consecration body). The very core of our interactions with people and with the earth gives us opportunities to heal our misconceptions.

The divine, in partnership with you, orchestrates countless opportunities for you to heal your booboos and to mature your perception. This unspoken collective healing is very cozy for the soul. You feel in a flow of action, in a flow of contacts and in a flow of healing. This, however, has an end.

When the healing is completed, the links to other souls are dissolved. You are then free of other soul influences and you are not being affected by other’s choices.  You are sovereign, and your interests will be towards the truth of reality and the realization of your origin. The detachment from the healing dynamics of the soul bodies allows you to enter into the void of the heart – “the pure vibration of the spirit”. Every conscious detachment you complete places your attention towards a “different topic and level” of your evolution.

The heart requests you to move towards its own void, towards true independence and mastery. This apparent separation may not be pleasant, since you find yourself in a place of solitude and stillness. You find yourself “hearing” the collective pain and despair. You may think these are your thoughts, but in reality, you are just gaining awareness of the situation of the whole.

The more detached you are from the collective, the more you are able to distance yourself which allows you to see, hear and understand the collective. You naturally will know if there is any miracle, any abuse or any detachment. There are no secrets for you regarding human and earth dynamics.

It is important at this stage of the seeker’s evolution to maintain the awareness that “What you think are not your thoughts.” Your sovereignty, service and prayers make a positive impact on the whole.

The more you detach from matter, the more you move towards the soul bodies, and the more you detach from the soul bodies the more you enter the purity of the spirit.

Each detachment from the collective entanglement allows pure perception, maturity and freedom. That is the heart’s only request.