Spiritual teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra brings different programs like Meditation in Ottawa to bathe the student with many learning alternatives.
From formal courses to international pilgrimages, Berdhanya makes sure that the seeker has a variety of modalities to learn from. “In the spiritual path meditation plays an important role in the ‘construction’ of the brain and their relationship to perceive oneself and the reality”.

One of the programs she opens in the national capital of Canada is a group meditation. Meditation in Ottawa brings together a community with common spiritual goals. Spiritual teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra presents to the general public an opportunity to get together in a cozy home environment to receive teachings for well being and inner recognition. The meditation in Ottawa also has a very important role in those individuals already following Berdhanya teachings; they present mini lessons that complement the 3-year program on self-mastery.

Each meditation in Ottawa encourages the new candidates and the mature ones, to reflect in specific topics as well as experience their inner reality. “ Knowing the self through meditation is the true jewel”. “ As you know yourself, you are also creating a positive field, a brain refresher and a opportunity of human evolution.”

“During meditation practice, the bioenergetics field rises, creating an increase in your own coherence or inner harmony. At certain points in deep meditation, mental activity stops and the two hemispheres of the brain harmonize completely. As a result of meditation, your coherence becomes like an aura of harmony filling the space surrounding you, directly benefiting those in close proximity.”

“When you meditate in a group, you share in each other’s coherence. Collective coherence created by a group is greater than the sum of the amounts of coherence being created by each individual meditator. This collective coherence then radiates out for the betterment of society”.

If enough people are meditating or practicing similar techniques to expand their awareness, we will reach what is known as critical mass. This is the number whose effect is large enough to influence the whole world.

On a more localized level, if a friend or relative is unwell or needs help in some way, meditating with them, even if they don’t meditate, will have a beneficial effect.

Meditation in Ottawa has been part of Berdhanya Teachings for 15 years and has invited seekers from all spiritual paths. This weekly meditation in downtown Ottawa are recorded and available online for any individual that may not have the opportunity to join in person.

Berdhanya insists that meditation is the medicine of the future, where practitioners can access all brain regions and alter undesired behaviors and emotions.