Taking time to sit by yourself in a quiet environment is a sign of inner affection. That moment can be enhanced in many ways and for as long as you want.

Here is a 7-step active meditation to enhance inner affection. This meditation can be done at any time during the day. However, for the first 3 days, start in the early morning and in the same place.

  1. Choose a space to sit in your house or in nature that for you represents inner stillness, quietness and nourishment.
  2. Create inner affection by sitting in that space with eyes closed, face relaxed and with a SMILE.
  3. Breathe naturally for 3 to 7 minutes, maintaining the inner attitude of self-affection.
  4. Remain still only with you smile, without worrying now about the breath or any other thing to do.
  5. Feel, sense or imagine that you are sinking deeply into the chair or where are you sitting. Feel the weight of your body and keep your smile. 1 minute.
  6. As you finish this part of the meditation, stand up and continue your daily routines, maintaining awareness of the space where you were sitting. Just remember it .
  7. Transfer the affection that you have cultivated over the 3 days into your daily routine by making a connection with it every time you sit during your day.

Eventually, all chairs at home and work will get “charged” with that sense of affection, bringing this sense of affection to anything you do.

Do this practice for 10 days, and it will have a miraculous affect on any hardness you inflict upon yourself.