(Satsang, December 5, 2017)

Berdhanya: What does it mean to be belly button-less? What does the belly button mean? It’s not the navel, it’s where you were fed from as a baby. 

Who fed you?

Student: My mother.

Berdhanya: So, now you have no belly button. Nobody to feed you. You see it as a disconnection, but in reality, it is strengthening to your organs. 

We have been working in the inner world, which has the gut intelligence, yes? All of us have touched some kind of gutsy feeling? 

Those gutsy feelings, we have judged, adapted, adjusted, rejected. With this, we have not realized that we have rejected the visceral intelligence of being human. 

Part of this rejection is because we extend a link, wanting to be fed from the exterior: “Can this person give me a little bit of affection? Can my mom provide me with some kind of security? Can a job give me some kind of identity, some kind of inner reassurance?” 

We have not realized our connection with the gut feeling, and the true reliance on a truth that is not going to be pretty. It is going to be accurate. It is going to allow my immune system to feel what I need and where I am at. 

The creation of the organs is in direct relationship with the Ray of the Essenes. It is inner presence. It is magnetism. Nobody can bullshit you. 

As long as we have a belly button that extends and looks to be fed from the outside,, the organs cannot be strong enough to offer you a template of visceral intelligence. This also puts you at great risk of continuing the cycle of reincarnation over and over, needing to go through all of the steps all over again instead of being born as a complete unit. 

You, as a fetus, can be conscious. Yes, you may have an umbilical cord to your mother, but energetically, you don’t. You have your own system. You have used the Rays of the Essenes and the Wise Woman to feel your organs, to form them,and you can rely on them. You don’t see it as a disconnection, you see it as: “I am creating, defining, consolidating the structural aspect the inner world, my visceral intelligence. 

And I tell you: as these organs take space in the physical body and in all your structure of being, you are so complete with your logic and that feeling of truth, that knowing. If you betray it, you get sick. You cannot digest. You get ill if you betray your inner intelligence, what you really know. This is something to make peace with. We are saying to create affection with this aspect. 

We are now at the end of this semester, and you have been touching various aspects of this gut intelligence. Life has been generous, and has given you something to work on. It has shown you that the inner world is the most fundamental world of your feelings. Incarnation after incarnation, you have worked from this place. Until you descend into that place, until you fix your leaks here and there, you are not reclaiming this intelligence. 

Reclaiming this intelligence is not necessarily pleasant. I was sharing with you earlier that once, I was betrayed. I didn’t know what was going on with this person, and yet every time I saw them, I got so angry, so furious. I asked myself: “Where does this anger come from?” Logically, I could not understand it, because I didn’t yet know the facts, but my guts knew. It’s this kind of power that I am talking about.

In another situation, I might have tried to oppress the feeling and say, “No, I should not be angry. I should be holy..!” But this would be dismissing my humanity. If I oppressed the gut feeling, my universe in human form would not be fully human, it would be incomplete.

In the gut intelligence, you have the nine emotions and the jewel of your first hurt. Anything that you have experienced in this trimester has been related to your original hurt. This feeling, you cover it up with pride. This is the treasure of the dimension of down: once you reclaim that gut intelligence, you are not vulnerable anymore. You become belly button-less. You do not extend your salvation somewhere else.

In this moment of your studies, we need to recover all the roots, so that your actual organs, the dimension of down may have that independence, that freedom, that presence, supported by the Essenes, the creators of organs, the seeders of organs, the givers of the templates of organs. It is related to magnetism and the male quality of stillness. Once you are in here, storms can go around you and nobody can bullshit you. It is your hara

Once you are here, even your own inner mind cannot betray you. If you betray this, you get sick. You may get constipated or you may not be able to eat. It would be something related to the organs. 

This could even occur when we are choosing our parents, if we don’t choose parent who are able to hold our frequency, if we choose parents because we have known them before, out of nostalgia, or we want to save them. If we betray what we know, and we are born sick. Before you were born, you might have cheated yourself. For you, your process of recovering your own guts is to recover this strength. 

Once this strength is recovered, nobody can bullshit you. It is the best immune system you have. It is not pleasant, because it is powerful. It hits you: “How dare you! How dare you go against my core?” This is its voice. 

It will let you know. You understand know what it means to reclaim your humanity. Once you reclaim it, you meet affection for it and it won’t have to speak so loudly. You will have an incredible ally, a friend, a protector and a guide. But you have to make peace with that raw feeling. 

As you meet this power, the first thing that you will find is the rejection of your fundamental hurt. I applaud those of you who have experienced that this semester. That stimulation was the whole purpose of the semester. If you didn’t experience this, if you have once again been aloof to the teachings, what is the point?

This is the moment to recognize, to consolidate, to attract back and to see what you have reclaimed, what you have attached to, what you have identified with and where you have placed your salvation. To see what you have not allowed yourself to see.

Understand what you have gone through, the tremendous power sitting inside you right now. Somehow, the organs are working it out right now. Your appetite will change. Your preferences will change. Your tastes will change. Where you have placed your attachments, you will let this go, because you have gained that visceral intelligence. 

Visiting that place and dimension has put you in touch with your treasures, the gifts you have reclaimed and those left unclaimed. This is the strength and solidity of your inner organs. It is your strength and stillness. It is your Essene quality. It is your Sage Woman quality. One is vibrational; one is alchemy. 

Without a belly button, you will have no need to incarnate into what you thought you needed to. You can incarnate into form, but not the form that you needed to take. You are safe from influences, including your own. 

Student: When you say incarnate, are you talking about incarnating into every moment?

Berdhanya: Any dimension of incarnation: physically, mentally, etc. 

Student: Does this include any dark force wanting to steal from the belly?

Berdhanya: Absolutely. The cord is there because you believe you need to be fed from the exterior. In a way, believing you need to be fed from the exterior is darkness. This belief creates cords, and then you will select or attract different frequencies. 

Student: So with no cord, nobody will be attracted in this way?

Berdhanya: No, because you have no cord. You have no electrical thing, no plug, no outlet. You are not plugged into anything. No dramas. Not other people’s dramas. The organs are life, the differentiated intelligence of the within. 

You will still be fed from the exterior, but it’s the exterior generated from the depths of the interior. You do not need to be fed from the exterior.

Student: There is still an outer…?

Berdhanya: There is no outer. The outer is the creation of your inner. The outer is not the force that you think it is, that your maya thinks is the source of your life. ] Your source of life becomes your organs. It is the inhabiting of your down reality. That is your source of life. 

Earth. Down. It is not your projection. Your projection is not your source of life. Your projection is your source of your attachments, not the source of life. This is the misery, the cause of our unhappiness. 

We plug in an external relationship,”Please give me life!”, and then the other will set conditions, “Yes, but you need to submit!”. Then, we suffer, realizing that there is no life there. Then, we cut that cord and go on to extend somewhere else. We extend roots that pass from one incarnation to the next, until you are all tied up and entangled, until a teacher appears to help you out.

It is just the inner world that is the source of life. It is your visceral intelligence. It is your presence. It is your stillness and all the qualities that are enumerated in the aspects of the inner world.

Student: All questions and curiosities can be answered by the inner world?

Berdhanya: Yes. Through presence you are still. If there are any questions, the inner intelligence will tell you and guide you and protect you. If you do something else, it just won’t sit well. You might insist and your logic might tell you it’s so good, but it won’t sit well. Sooner or later, you have to face the truth. You can convince yourself that it’s good, but …

In this dimension, you are just feeling. You are not seeing anything. It is visceral. This is the confusing part. You don’t understand it. This is the reconciliation. It’s okay that you don’t see it. You don’t need to. Things will be revealed at the proper time. 

You can try to find a conclusion, but that would be interpreting. We can have a hard time holding this profound discomfort. But you cannot intellectualize your guts, otherwise you return to the cave of your logic. That is the fight. You fight with your logic. You want to make sense of yourself. But the direction pointing down doesn’t have any logic. You have to deal with this. It is nonsense, but it is closer to divinity. Your pure intellect wants to create a logical reality.