Life, Persona and Personalities


Life lives us.

Life is a force of vibration and light, it permeates and animates you, me, and the entirety of creation. It is a thick flow of a substance that is simultaneous, subtle, and dense. Life is away from the idea of evolution, movement or continuity. Life is, always has been and will continue to dance in the eternal now.

We are creation of Life, she animates us and offers diverse expressions. She is in the trees, in the rocks, in the sky and in every thought you think is yours. Life is all we have, and life is all we need to worship and to understand itself. The heart of the mother has the qualities of life, it has the unconditional presence, the willingness to sacrifice for the well being of the child, and the firmness to correct and educate the child.

Life makes the flowers bloom, and the winds to bow, the oceans to move, and the eyes to blink. Life is a spontaneous happening of creation that delights it self by experiencing it self in all forms and in all circumstances. Life expresses itself in our flesh, in our words and in our existence. It is the beauty incarnated in it, and in us is her power that binds us to respect her and to co-operate with her.

Life bestows in us the right to walk shoulder to shoulder with her to form and contribute to her diversity and to her experiences. We hold the vitality of life in our breath, we hold the compassion and love of life for us in the heart chakra, and we animate it in our actions through our personalities.

Our personalities are the colors of life in us. Some of us have preferred to play with life’s diversities using different flavors and different styles. This pleases her, and she rejoices in her different and countless embodiments.

Natural self

When we see a baby 3 to 6 months old we can really observe life at play. Life moves its heartbeat, the sleep and the action, the hunger and the need for love and protection. Life knows when to go to the bathroom and how to regulate all body functions. Life is at play with full intelligence and radiance. Life is embodying a vessel that hopefully will realize that all movements, needs, thoughts and emotions are an expression of that Life. Hopefully that baby will never loose that reverence and synchronicity with Life.

The natural self recognizes that life inhabits the body as well as all creatures in the universe, it does not lose track of the Oneness of life and it does not lose the awareness that life is happening to him/her.

The natural self is obedient to life; it brings to opposition and is in perfect alignment with life wishes. The natural self understands and lives life with no personal will. It knows that by being under the flow of life he or she will fulfill the destiny of her wishes. The natural self lives in surrender and accepts nothing as his or hers, but an expression of an intelligence beyond the understanding of the mind.

Thin state of purity has the radiance of a thousand suns, the power of countless oceans and the beauty that makes you cry. The embodiment of the natural self is our realization, is this constant instant and is all we need to surrender to.

The Persona

When Life embodies into our living self we are able to project her into matter, and    we are able to act and interact with other forms of life to make a play of experiences. Life learns through us and we learn through her projections.

Our lack of awareness and real establishment in Life makes us  susceptible to the seduction of interpretations. Our senses see things outside as separate from our Life and we start acquiring an individual persona.

The individual persona is preoccupied with how we want every one to see us. We struggle like a teenager to embody an individual persona that is comfortable and suitable for our destiny. Our individual persona is a projection from the natural self.

The persona is like the dress life needs to acquire to be on earth and for us to learn from. The persona can be cognitive that it is playing a persona, and that it is not our real essence. Our problems start when we start thinking that we are our persona, and that we need to manipulate it to be safe and alive.

I often put the example of my teacher in the deconstruction of a persona. I remember for instant to be in a 10 days retreat with him. He taught a small group how to prepare certain medicines and the self-care that the practitioner should have in order to maintain the energetic purity of the medicine. The requirements where full of details of what to do and what not to do, when to pick up the medicines, what stay of mind we should have, what moment of the day to pick them up and so on. He over and over insisted in our self-purity of body mind and intention, and for 10 days we worked hard to achieve certain stages of mind. By the end of the retreat we were happy with our accomplishments, and he invited us to a nearby small town to have lunch. To our surprise he ordered food that he had advised us not to take. We ordered what was “ correct” and we ate in silence. We looked at each other disconcertedly while wondering how to accommodate such a dichotomy. During the day, he kept adopting behaviors that confronted our previous training. Our stress and insecurity of how to be was escalating to the point that we needed to ask what was going on. He smiled and asked if we where shock, which of course we were. ! He explained at that point that he was protecting us from the interpretation of a persona, because we were acquiring during the training a way to be and forgetting the pure essence and spontaneous moment of Life. He so kindly explained that we were not only attaching our persona to a role but also to a code of remain good and correct. He also pointed out that we were constructing a persona towards him, putting him in a superior position because he “ knew better “. The attachment towards our “ how to be” and “what we need to be”, was giving us a sense of separation and identification far from the real lesson, which was: take care of the things you need to  in spontaneous ways, them just let them go. This powerful lesson still remains with me as a source of inspiration and as a reminder to not attach to a role or to any “ spiritual models”. I can learn from them, be involved 100% and then come back to the fluidity of my spontaneous Life.

The shadow personality

Life is delicate and sophisticated. It is slow compared to the speed of the mind and its unrealistic desires that need to be satisfied immediately. Life gives in accordance to what we are able to handle and what we are able to understand. When we push Life with inner expectations or in unrealistic ways of being we create an inner space that is not able to digest all the details of our lessons.

When we are children we have in our head the subtle expectations of our parents….

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