Essence is the part of you that guides, supports, supplies and nourishes everything you are, everything you do and everything you aspire to accomplish. In principle, Essence doesn’t need to be learned. However, learning to discover your Essence is a fundamental aspect of your self-realization. You may consider doing this by yourself, since after all, you are the only one that is in an intimate relationship with your Essence.  However, you may not consider the multiple layers of delusion, the pitfalls, the entertainments and the avoidances that you can trip over. In the path of spiritual awakening, you need a spiritual teacher who will show you a map of where you are, what your challenges, lessons and empowerments are. The spiritual teacher and counsellor guide you towards enlightenment and facilitates your relationship with your Essence, your infinity.

How Can a Spiritual Teacher Help You?

A spiritual counsellor has the sensibility to know where you are. In many ways this counsellor represents your Essence and supplies the proper tools for you to reveal who you are.  For example, the counsellor may use meditation, contemplation and self-inquiry as the main practices.

One of the favourite spiritual practices that the spiritual teacher, Berdhanya offers, is a cozy meditation in Ottawa. Berdhanya believes that Essence unfolds when you are relaxed, when you feel safe and when you feel intimate.  Essence is delicate and shy; yet, powerful and ever present. But our approach to reach it must be subtle, graceful, and patient.  It is through the practice of meditation that you cultivate these virtues. The spiritual teacher reminds, educates and inspires you with the diplomacy you need to have to learn the subtle arts of relating to essence and infinity.