Isolation, Desolation and Reconciliation.

The mind cannot grasp the emptiness of the heart, where all separations are dismantled. The mind will keep you hostage in making you believe that you cannot be in the total light of Love. The mind will put a tint of guilt in your heart, to give you shame, to induce you to seclusion and to make you believe nobody cares for you. The brutality of the mind needs to be rejected. It needs to be seen as a conversation that has only suffering and desolation for you and others.

Physical and emotional isolation is a result of a concept within us where we believe we are not “perfect” enough to be seen, to be part of all. You may confuse independence with isolation. You may be thinking that you are happy doing your own things and let others do their things, however, the heart is not happy with this. The heart seeks to be surrounded by the simplicity of life and to interact with the whole. The heart sees no faults in you and loves you just the way you are.

Surrendering to the stillness of the heart will destroy the duality of seeking attention and recognition verses “I can handle it myself”. Realize that isolation is born when these two poles pull into separate directions. One part of you seeks and demands attention and another part runs away with pride thinking you don’t really need others. This duality bruises the heart and doesn’t allow it to flourish. The pull is softened by being aware of the game, and choosing to be released from the frequency of “duality”.

The heart seeks completion in realizing its own compassion. However compassion cannot exist if we imagine the world is excluding us, that the world requests us to perform, to be good and to be perfect. We need to realize that these internal conversations of shame, pride and false privacy are creating a flat life, a life inside a bubble that only recycles our own narrow energy. Your own bubble is a place of desolation and false consolation.

The heart is life, and to reconcile with life you need to:

  • give up your private bubble
  • lower your guards
  • create a garden that welcomes all – to be seen, enjoyed even if a few branches of the tree fall down

Realize that your heart is the heart of all; it is in the heart that you are connected to life, to all that lives and to all that can possibly exist. It is your infinity, your salvation, your stillness and your Being. You don’t need to work on it, because it has always been there, pure in essence and untouched by your little destructive conversations. Jump into the heart, which is only a void where all beings and your Being dwell.