Intention,tension and attention

The power of intention

One facet of intention is the location of our purpose, needs, and wants in a state of prayer. It is a powerful readiness of our mind in front of cooperating forces that enhance our inner understanding. The forces of intention bound the Devas to serve us, to love us, and to guide us. It is an energetic position of our energies and is purely embodying our prayerful self. It is surrender as well as certain firmness in front of our inner needs. It is humble and is the very essence of the human contracts.

Intention bounds, intention locates our energy for certain purpose, and intention relates us to the invisible world. Intentions coming from the heart are a sacred call of the soul to be whole, helped, and guided.

We, however, play another type of intention, and these are the intentions coming from our personal interested self. It is an intention that seeks satisfaction and fulfillment of our unreal needs and look to be recognized, admired and loved. We perform many actions with the intention to gain that satisfaction. Our personalities can be charged with charm, with imagined events, or with engrained habits—all to satisfy our intention to gain something.  This type of intention is predictable to the ego, and is at play in your subconscious. This type of intention tenses your natural self and leaves no room for you to explore the flow of life. Your polluted intention stands in the way to see life as is, and gives you a flavor of control.

Any intention creates tension

In the moment you charge your actions with personal intentions you create tension in your soul. You walk away from the flow of life and you acquire a strong will that needs to control, manipulate, and understand life from your point of view. Your intention to be perfect, to be exalted, to be important, to be loved, to project caring feelings, to be wise, to be peacemaker, to protect, to teach, to be spiritual—all of these intentions are going to create inner tension. You don’t really need this type of intention; all you need is to put attention in the frequency you want to cultivate.

Attention creates awareness

When we adopt an innocent contemplation of our inner self we create awareness, wisdom, and attunement with Life. The type of attention I am talking about is the type you have when you contemplate a sunset. You are not interested in changing the position of the sun to delay the movement of the clouds. You are simply in the ecstasy of the moment, living it with full attention. That attention locates yourself in the pure synchronicity of life and allows you to know you in the present moment. It is pure in essence; it is relaxed, and seeks nothing in particular. The attention for a period of time is concentration and concentration in oneself brings self-inquiring and self-knowing. It brings forward our energetic self, all the parts that we want to heal, that we want to expand, and that we want to be establish in. Daily personal attention cultivates self-care, self-recognition, and self-relaxation.

The mind has a magnifying glass called attention. Any thing that you focus on will gain magnitude and you will be engaging the senses with all the rich details they may offer to you. Things will look very close and very real to you, and the circumstances that are being given full attention will become your reality. You choose in what you put your attention and that will be animated and experienced as your life.

If you focus in fear, fear will grow. If you focus in what excites you the most, you create abundance and joy. If you focus in shame you will create limiting circumstances that reflect your point of focus. By choosing daily a conscious topic of attention you create a frequency around you and around your life. That frequency will bath your social interactions, your health, and your whole reality.

Focus your attention in the highest frequency you are able to sustain. If you focus on Earth consciousness you will be interested in a survival attitude. You will see the world as a hostile force that you need to control, manipulate, and protect your self from. That type of frequency will lead you towards attachments, isolation and toward a believe system that YOU need to make all the efforts to be alive and to gain your well being. It gives a life of effort, harsh agendas, judgments, and blame.

When you shift your attention to a place of “I am creating every single reality of my life” you flow in a different frequency. It is a frequency that sustains the effortless way of being and the inner trust that you can co-create with life anything you want.

With each of these frequencies there are countless treasures you can be focusing on. Each instant of any frequency you live on will give you lessons, colors, and wisdom. Each frequency holds a state of experiencing the expressions of the pure being as well as an opportunity for your energetic structure to be shaped around it.

Realize you can choose your point of attention. Therefore, you can choose the life you want to live in.

True relaxation unfolds your natural self

I call enlightenment “to repose in the natural self in a permanent state”. The simplicity and purity of this natural self is a real challenge for the mind to understand. The mind fabricates intentions of how self-realization is and puts in motion a series of belief systems that are ultimately in the way of experiencing yourself in the most simple, unintended self. True relaxation is the key to be natural and to be in the flow of the divine will. You are free from any aggressivity, from any manipulation, and mostly you are that current that takes care of all the things your false intentions want.

A bit of attention every day accompanied by a simple presence are powerful practices. Dedicate ½ hour every day to relaxed attention and leave behind the intentions of the ego, the intentions of your personalities, and social intentions. Cultivating clarity of what you want really is to be a seeker, which is the one that stand in full presence in front of the requests and attractions of the natural self.

Intentions and karma

All actions coming from an intended self will create attachment and entanglement. If we want someone to like us your imaginary personality adopts a series of behaviours or approaches to relate to that person. You twist your natural self to get what you imagine you need or don’t have. You start creating belief systems about how you should be and in what way is best to perform. You shop for tips to get more assertive, more cunning, and less you. All those actions create a reality that is empty of real life and real experiences. What you live is your imagination, charged with false intentions, therefore all those actions and relationships are in essence false. Any falsity is sooner or later meant to fall. You may repeat the same position, hoping that next time YOU will be better in your performance and YOU will be victorious in accomplishing your intentions. Can you see how this position can be repeated over and over without really given you the real agenda that life has for you. You debilitate your creator, your ability to co-operate with life, and to live the passion you were destined to live.

Get out of the loop

Ironically one way of getting out of the loop is to tap into the purity of intention. Tap with full attention to a pray-fullness self that surrenders to the emptiness and stillness of the natural self. Pay attention to remain present to that stillness and confront mercilessly the false intentions. The process is quite simple. However, requires patience, dedication, and sharp awareness. Make that your form of meditation.