The enlightened person understands the paradoxical nature of consciousness. The enlightened one has moved away from the dual ways of thinking into a more holistic, fractal and eternal perception of existence.

The realized seeker is able to relate to the expression of his or her own identity and to simultaneously relate and connect to a spiritual lineage. Through self-connection and a simultaneous connection to lineage, both parts benefit, facilitating the enrichment, protection and evolution of the other.

A spiritual lineage expresses one direct line that defines and enhances certain qualities of the divine. For example, some spiritual teachers will place a greater emphasis on compassion, while others emphasize presence or emptiness.

The teacher’s point of emphasis creates a grove or a highway where others can travel to self-realization. Spiritual teachings carry a certain taste or certain aspects of the divine. Once the seeker identifies his or her own lineage, they are able to grow into their own identity and into their own self-expression. Recognition of one’s spiritual lineage gives clarity to the identity and definition to our self-mastery. This clarity and definition is easily readable to creation and all its creatures.

The realized seeker expresses their identity in a unique way. They serve all of existence and the existence of others according to their own unique personality, their particular gifts and through the qualities of their essence.

The realized seeker carries the torch of the transmissions given by the spiritual lineage. The purity of that frequency it is embedded in all the 12 bodies of the seeker. The personal identity of the realized seeker is transmitted through one’s actions, relationships and spiritual expressions.

The realized seeker must be aware that the consciousness that has been bestowed to him/her by through a lineage was given with the intention of perpetuating a current of light on Earth. The realized seeker may accept to express this current of light, to postpone its expression or to simply enjoy their state of enlightenment with no further service to Earth. Through this legacy of light, others have the opportunity to realize themselves.

Part of self-mastery is to identify your lineage and to know to what you stand for. The master understands their own sovereignty and, at the same time, moves in a matrix of light built by their lineage and enriched by their own legacy.