Four steps towards containing woman multi-dimensionality


The first time that I heard from Yogy Bhajan that women are 16 times more intelligent, more beautiful, more graceful, more effective, more caring, and more secure that men, it was only an uplifting concept but I had no immediate personal experience to sustain it with.

However, through the years that I have worked with woman I have realized that this statement that Yogy Bhajan said was not only true but whether or not women use this potential has dramatic consequences in family and social infrastructures.


Every time I qualify myself, by recognizing my pure essence, a world of wonders and opportunities manifests in front of me. Also, I have witnessed that when we comprise our truth, postpone, deviate, negotiate and compare, all the 16 qualities turn into a destructive force within. We navigate at the merci of our reactions, confusions and insecurities.

Part of the responsibility of the woman is to take time for herself. Time to balance and magnetize these 16 innate femine qualities of Shakty.

We can consider this force as the potentiality of life, with in-imaginable possibilities of creation.  Equally, if these qualities of Shakty are out of balance, they can become a destructive force that impacts not only our personal life, but as it affects future generations, it also impacts social evolution.

You may ask, what does a woman need to do in order to keep the forces of creation in alignment with her role in the evolution of consciousness


·      Ultimately the woman needs to learn to relax. Monitoring closely mental dualities and over extensions of their capacities is a fundamental part of remaining balance.

·      The woman needs to identify what the lessons are in relationships (existing or not) that offer opportunities for her self- qualification. For example, if we have a partner or colleague that sends us the message that we are not efficient, or good enough, as we are so we need to change, that is a sign that within ourselves we need to reaffirm our capacities and qualities. “ I am doing my best”, or “ I am avoiding confrontation and self assertion.”

·      The woman needs a basic routine to contain her and to support growth. Our natural tendencies to explore 16 tracks at the same time can be overwhelming. Creations of inner space as well as a home to rest are factors that will contribute to the containment and balance of the woman.

·      The woman needs to identify the quality of the track in play and make it constructive. For example, if at a certain time the woman identifies a creative impulse, it is best to express it at the higher frequency she is capable of, otherwise that impulse is limited, turning the original creative impulse into bitterness and destructiveness.

We can get overwhelmed with all the inner demands, ideas and possibilities that our multidimensionality offers us, however if the expression is simple and grounded, we can satisfy all our requests of exploration without reinventing the world every two weeks. Next time you have the impulse to engage in a large project, my favorite is to create a 2 acre garden, consider one simple step towards that project instead of making a large and unrealistic to do list.

Our multidimensionality animates, decorates and expands the inner and external masculine force of “Shiva”. It gives it shape, form, vitality and life. It is that spontaneous and artistic presence that is the foundation of diversity and evolution. The trick is to establish a direct and realistic relationship with it, and not to corrupt it with the opinions of others, or with limited habits.

May your words create inspiration, may your beauty be a beaming expression of wonders and may your prayers be the piercing force and beacon for peace.