Forgiveness, Fear and Fortune


In the void of the heart are only stillness and a sensation of emptiness and nothingness. In the pure heart there is no movement, attachment or desire. There is a “non-interest” for the life of the world, yet a total interest in sharing Love. This is one of the dynamics of the mystic heart that guide, protect and bring great fortune for all those around.

When the past has a grip on our mind, perception becomes stuck in all that has past. We tend to see in others what they have done to us in the past, we want to stick to our ways of how things should be done, because our ways had worked for us in the past.- or prevent us from failure and pain. If anything changes we become resentful, get angry and we blame our exterior world. This heavy energy stops the flow of the heart; it brings it down and cuts the creativity of our possible expression in life.

This attitude of perceiving only the past creates great fear. Fear is a projection to the future where others ways are not going to work and where we won’t be saved. Fear holds on to the past tightly as a safety net. Fear becomes a being that hunts our perception and immobilizes the heart. Love disappears, compassion disappears, and only resentment, restlessness and a fantasy in a form of hope remain.

Forgiveness is to let go of the past as a way to perceive reality. It is an attitude, maturity and understanding that the now is all that is needed for life to bloom. Forgiveness involves being in the present with enthusiasm and no outcomes.

Fear is a break in the energy of the heart and forgiveness is the unguent for it. Fear is produced by not looking at the big picture and forgiveness is the understanding of the present. When fear is abandoned, and forgiveness enters, a great fortune arises in the heart. It is the fortune of being in the flow of the great unknown, of the great compassion and of the everlasting creativity. We are in contact with infinity where the self dwells in total surrender, and totally embraces eternity.